Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I feel like I’ve been running around like a headless chicken.  Not to mention that I spent most of the past weekend in the car, driving from one place to the next. On top of it Himself woke up on the brink of death at around 4 am on Saturday morning. He has been dying since … I would love to know why it is that dads can get sick but moms aren’t allowed to. Even when I’m sick I would much rather go to work, I do less!

Anyway, the man has bronchitis and it’s not been pretty, it’s a good thing that I love him as much as I do.

Just to add to the things that are annoying me today/this week:

  • my cleaning lady didn’t turn up yesterday! It was such a disappointment when I got home from work to discover that the pile of ironing was still there, the dishes (pots & pans) would have to be washed etc …
  • we were informed of yet another general train strike tomorrow   
Honestly, it drives me insane.  I don’t one way or another care about their labour issues (I know I probably should but I have enough of my own issues to deal with). Clearly going on strike is not working (this is the umpteenth strike in 2 months) so they should maybe try to come up with some other way of voicing their grievances.  Not to mention they are pissing off a lot of people who can’t get to their jobs as a result.

  •  idiotic people who are in high positions at work (who clearly have no people management skills)

Clearly I’m not in the best of moods today so it might be advisable to stop blogging, or maybe I’m just hungry so I’m going to go get myself something to eat. 


  1. feel better... my boss has traveled overseas and always manages to be there when there are strikes!!! anoying for ME too because i have to find an alternate way for her to travel to and from!

    couldnt agree more about uppermanagement with no people skills! ARGH!

    i hope your day gets better . . go have a cookie or something that will make you happy :)

  2. Sorry to hear you have so much aggravation in your life right now... Keep your chin up, Jo, this too shall pass! :)

  3. so sorry to hear everything is so chaotic sending you good vibes all get better soon hugs

  4. Can I just copy and paste this for myself?? Ug. Hope things turn around for you!

  5. Sounds like you could use some chocolate. Or booze.