Monday, November 5, 2012

The usual suspect

So you may or may not know that I am not a dog person.  Despite this fact, we have 3 dogs, not little ones big ones. Boxers.

Lulu, Duke  & Gus

The plan was never to have 3 dogs, yet life does not always turn out how you plan, does it?

We got Lulu in December 2008. That was to be the end. But, about 8 months later someone offered us Duke so we decided to accept him since he would be a good friend for Lulu. And then it happened we had puppies. 3 litters later Lulu was fixed.  Gus sort of stayed with us by default.  He was meant to go to friends of ours but after a day they brought him back saying he was too boisterous. Before we could find a new home for him he broke his hip (we were away for the weekend and a friend was looking after them for us). Since nobody wants a dog with a bum hip we had no choice but to keep him.

Right, so now you know how we ended up having 3 dogs. And to top it all I’m the primary care giver of said dogs since everyone else like having dogs but hates having to take care of them.

Now for the drama.

Duke may or may not have attacked one of the neighbour’s sheep on Wednesday night.

The fact is, he came home covered in blood and we found the sheep but we can’t imagine why he would have just gone after a sheep out of the blue.

Fact, we had some trouble with him acting aggressively towards other dogs but this has improved since he had the snip.

We considered having him put down. Following a late night call to the vet we decided not to do it since we find it hard to believe that he attacked the sheep.  We suspect that something else might have attacked the sheep and that he might have gone after the sheep after the fact.

I had a sleepless night about what the neighbours might have to say about it if they were to find out that Duke is a suspect in this crime.

Luckily the sheep survived the attack and the neighbours told us they suspect that it was a fox. It seems that they have had several attaches on the sheep recently and I am 100% sure that Duke was not involved in any of those.

Can you see why I prefer cats over dogs? I’ve never had a cat that caused me as much stress and frustration as these dogs.

Tiger and Duke aka the usual suspect


  1. how scary to think your dog may have attacked the neighbors sheep. hope it wasn't and that they catch the fox

  2. oh boy! Duke is too cute to be causing trouble like that.

  3. Yikes!! I bet that was scary thinking your dog could have done that! I'm glad they think it was something else and that the sheep will be okay. :o( Foxes are awful little creatures. They attack chickens too which puts them up pretty high on my offender list!

  4. Oh, Lord! I'm not a dog person, either. We've had our dog for years, and I still get nervous when the kids play with her. It only takes one snap!