Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Say What?!?!?!?!

On the drive into town this morning they reported on the local radio news  that a bunch of keys have gone missing from Leuven prison.  

How do you lose a bunch of keys that important? Surely they should know who the last person was to have the keys?  

According to a concerned prison worker the set of keys belongs to the prison chaplains and have been missing since last Thursday. They are also not sure if the keys were simply lost or stolen.

image via google images

But this is not the only bizarre news story/article I read/heard today.

Also in the local Belgian news it is reported that a certain stonemason has launched the country’s first head stones with QR codes.  The idea behind it is that when visiting the grave you can scan said QR code and be taken to the deceased’s personal website.


Or how about this article:

Dressing your newborn as a pumpkin this Halloween? Children's charity warns against celebrity copycat parents 'objectifying' babies in outlandish fancy dress costumes.

In the article they go as far as saying: It is potentially objectifying babies who have no say in what they wear. Really? Cause we all consult our babies about what we dress them in every other day of the week!

 I also saw this gem in one of the South African newspapers:

Snakes send postal workers scurrying for safety

It seems that someone sent 4 live snakes to someone else but before they could reach their ultimate destination they escaped, sending a number of postal workers into a bit of a panic.


image via google images


Anyway, hope you don’t encounter any live snakes today and if you are going trick or treating have loads of fun!  My kids are still away at camp and tomorrow is a public holiday so I'm sure it's going to be a late night tonight!


  1. yikes no snakes please I found one on my steps this weekend scare me witless. hope you have a happy Halloween

  2. Well, that sure is one slew of weird/unsettling news stories! lol!! I definitely would be sent running if I were a postal work that discovered SNAKES in the mail! EEEK!!!

    Happy Halloween, Jo!

  3. wow, you are cracking me up, that IS some bizarre news - fitting for Halloween, right?!

  4. Ahh I love ridiculous news stories! I thought the QR code one was going to say it would show you some sort of map of the cemetery where your deceased friend/family member was, but a website works too. I really do hope they find those prison keys!

    Hope you had a great Halloween!

  5. Whoa! The prison thing freaks me out. All of these stories are insane! And yeah, babies don't care what they wear, even on Halloween. Chill out people! Who in the world mails live snakes?!?! Great post!

  6. Most unique Halloween post EVA!
    Ok, how do you lose a set of keys to the prison? I'm thinking that poor guy lost his job:)
    Also...I will have to start watching for snakes in the mail! LOL

  7. I've got to liven up my TO DO list with some live snakes now. Seriously. That shit is funny.

    In other news: I now work at a White House Black Market here in the states (read: clothing type store) and someone brought in a lizard with their return of pants. Little dude jumped in the bag in the trunk of their car.

    Very exciting day at work.