Thursday, October 4, 2012

Shopping with my kids

If there is one thing that my husband is good at (in fact, much better than me) it is shopping for clothes, for me.

I find it so hard to find something that looks good on me, and he just goes to the store, grab a couple of things and voila, perfect.

Most of the time.

He recently bough me a pair of boots (which I loved) but they were the wrong size. To be fair, my shoe size varies between a 38/39/40 depending on the shoe.

Anyway, he bought me a pair of knee high boots (flat heel, the kind that you can just pull up). I loved them but even with a pair of thick socks they were too big.

No problem I’ll just take them back and change them.  

Problem, they were the last pair in the store and none of the other stores had them in stock either.  Okay, I’ll change them for another pair.

Well I have not been embarrassed by my kids like this in a long time.  Here is what happened:

I took the kids with me to exchange my boots (mistake nr. 1). But I thought, they are big, they can hang around while I look for a pair of boots. 

So first off I saw these boots …. loved them!

from Zara
Only to be told, by Cat, very loudly! ‘ Put those down, you are not 18 anymore, you a old, and you are a mother of 2 kids, you can’t be seen wearing boots like that. Put them down!’

And despite my plea, the earth did not open up and swallow me.

In the end I got these, 

also from Zara

which I also love but I still need a pair of flat boots and when I go to buy those I’ll make sure that the kids are home, alone, with nothing to do … (I’m kidding …… a little)

But speaking about boots and shoes I love all of these, oh to have the money to be able to afford all the shoes I see. Which ones do you like?  

Not sure where these are from

and once again Zara

these are also from Zara



  1. Hahahaha! I'm sorry to get a laugh in at your expense, but that's pretty funny! :o) I am AWFUL at shopping. Just awful. Which is why my entire closet is like a flashback to 2002.

    I really love the tall Zara boots with the heel and the mustard-colored boots underneath those! Both are gorgeous! And probably WAYYYY out of my price range.

  2. Haha your kids are too funny! I need a pair of winter boots so bad and I WILL get some this year. I'm not sure which pair I would go with, our boot styles are very different :)

  3. Ahhh I love boots and shoes, wish I could afford more pairs! I really like that tall black one with the heel. Very nice!!

  4. hehehehe your kids make me chuckle!

    I love the shoes you bought!!! I shy away from heels a lot, but those are so cute.

    I need some knee high flat boots, too - let me know what you end up getting.

  5. hahah funny...spoken for every teenager and preteen in the world.

  6. Cute!!

    I'm no help with shoes. I just wear my sneakers everywhere and call it a day.

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