Monday, October 15, 2012

Is it really Monday again?

We had such a chilled weekend … and by we I mean the kids and I, Himself had to work.
Saturday, Tiger had a football match but I decided to stay home and watch movies with Cat.  And just like every Saturday the past while it poured. And they lost. To be fair they did play the B team while they are the C team.

The rest of the day was spent pretty much just like that.  The weather was misrable so we lit the fire and watched movies and I did the washing so it wasn’t a total waste.

Then on Sunday morning we got to sleep/lie in since Cat only had ½ day scouts.  Himself had gone in to town to work at around 11.  The kids and I just vegged around the house.  It was voting day but I decided that I would go and vote after dropping Cat off.

Oops at 5 minutes to 1 I noticed that the voting station was closing at 1.  No big deal you say, if you don’t vote you don’t vote … WRONG! Voting is mandatory in Belgium.  All citizens are automatically registered and if you don’t turn up to vote you are fined.  And trust me, right now the last thing we need is a fine!  

I shouted at Cat to get her butt in the car … 'I’m not dressed yet' …. 'You can get dressed in the car, just get in it'.

I raced (as fast as you can when all the other drivers are on a Sunday-go-to-meeting drive) and stormed into the voting station totally out of breath. Did I make? Did I make it? … No, you’ll have to pay 10 euro fine. What?  Nah they were just messing with me.

What I can say is when you are the one and only and last person who needs to vote it’s super quick.  Plus I got Cat to scouts on time.

And that’s it, like I said we really didn’t do much this weekend.


  1. It really is Monday. I'm almost sure of it, actually. It's 7am and I'm showered and ready for the day. Such a tragedy.

  2. Oh, I know how you feel - even though it was a nice, relaxing weekend for me too, I still am not ready for Monday!!

    That's kind of cool that voting is mandatory - I wish it was here - it would suck to have a fine if you don't, but voting numbers seem to go down with each election here. Not cool!

  3. Monday always are the hardest especially getting back into routine after having two days of laziness and fun

  4. They should SO do that fining thing in the US. They'd make a killing I'm sure.

  5. Some times you just need one of those weekends where you just kind of veg out and relax. I feel like every weekend for me lately has been jam packed, that I'm so looking forward to this sunday when I have nothing at all to do. Glad you made it in time!

  6. Sounds like a perfect thing to do on a rainy saturday. I am surprised at the mandatory voting. Very interesting!

  7. You know, I kind of wish voting were mandatory here. It's almost like no one cares who their local officials are or even the president. It drives me nuts! If people knew they'd be fined, you better believe they'd all be at the polls on election day!

    So how many days a year does it rain in Belgium? We don't get much rain here and I miss it!! In Florida it rained nearly every day in the spring and summer!