Monday, October 1, 2012


I have been completely m.i.a the last while, sorry about that. It’s just that life has gotten a bit crazy at the moment leaving me with little time for blogging.  And it’s not like whatever is keeping my busy is exciting and interesting, it’s not!  Sadly it’s just my work load both at work and keeping up with all that needs to be done at home.

The past weekend we had a little break in that Tiger didn’t have football (soccer) on Friday night. He had it on Thursday night and no game on Saturday. But for the rest there still was:
·          a mountain of ironing to be done
·          a house to clean
·          homework to oversee
·          swimming lessons, on Saturday night (Cat)
·          scouts on Sunday morning (Cat)
·          etc

This week is not going to be much better.  But I’ve started keeping track of what everyone needs to do and where everyone needs to be both on a white board in the kitchen and in my diary.  I’m really trying to be better organized.

Also, with Himself working so hard at the moment he doesn’t have time to do what he usually does (picking the kids up from school, taking Tiger to football, grocery shopping) so I have to step up to the plate. But hey, that is part of being married.

We’ve got Tiger’s birthday party coming up this weekend. Luckily since it’s being held at the Kid’s Factory I don’t have much to do. But I still need to bake a cake to send to school.  I’m also going to be trying out yoga for the first time.  A girl at my work is a avid yoga enthusiast and she’s organized an introductory session for us.  I’m really looking forward to it.

O and so far the highlight of my day was that someone in our team just came back from a trip to New York and she brought some Halloween Oreos for us – Yay!

Right, I really have to get stuck in and get back to work. I’m going to try my best to be a bit better at blogging this week.

Hope you have a great week!


  1. I ironed as well and thought of you as there are so few people out there that I know of who do it like you and I!!! I've never done yoga either.

  2. Well, hi there stranger! :o) I figured you'd gotten busy with work again. Sounds like everything is still going to be crazy for awhile, huh?

    How old is Tiger turning? I like birthday parties where you don't have to do much work! :o) Enjoy those Oreos! I didn't see them at the grocery store when I went last week, so I'm hoping they stock them soon!