Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Busy weekend!

Well I was planning on writing this post yesterday but it turns out that even if you are home from work with a sick kid, finding time to blog is not easy.  Go figure, I find it far easier to blog from work. 

We had a super busy weekend, again.

Tiger played a football (soccer) match on Saturday morning. It was a tough game.  They played in the pouring rain and we got soaked on the sidelines. Our umbrella died 2 minutes after opening it.  And they lost, 15/5 … but like a typical kid the first thing the said to us after the game was: ‘ did you see my goal, I dribbled like this and then like that and the boom, goal!’

Luckily Cat had decided to stay home, in bed.  She would have complained non-stop about having to stand out in the rain.

After a quick dash home, and to the shops to buy new scouts uniform for Cat it was time for Tigers birthday party. Initially I had planned on having the party at home. I am so glad Himself had talked me out of it.

I’m also so glad that Noreen had offered to join me … making the next 3 hours much more bearable.  Honestly, as much at the kids love these indoor play centres, and as easy as it is to have a birthday party there the noise is enough to drive anyone to drink.

But the kids had a blast and my house is still clean and in one piece.

Sometime during the early hours of Sunday morning Cat came to tell me that I had to go upstairs, Tiger was having a heart attach. Poor kid was running a temperature, playing football in the rain (twice during the week) had resulted in the inevitable … poor baby. He’s 8th birthday wasn’t turning out quite the way we had expected.

By 11 on Sunday morning I had managed to get everyone out the door. We were meeting a couple of friends for breakfast at our new restaurant/café. I say we cause I am married to the owner, but that is where my input ends.  

It was lovely, the kids were running around (we have decided to turn the patio out back into a kids play area) and we were eating and drinking.

Brona offered to take the kids rock climbing after brunch leaving us with no kids for the afternoon.  Ok, so it’s not the most traditional way to spend one’s kids birthday but he wanted to go climbing and we wanted him to have great birthday.

So the kids went climbing and we (Himself, Jellen, Kim & I) went to the Hard Rock Café.

As mentioned I stayed home with Tiger yesterday, he was better but I didn’t want to run the risk of the school calling after 2 hours asking me to come and fetch him.  On the down side Himself has been running a temperature since yesterday … seems watching Tiger play in the rain on Saturday has gotten him sick as well.

So there you are, our weekend in a nutshell.  And if you are ever in Brussels and looking for a place to have breakfast or lunch check out Aux Couleurs Gourmandes!


  1. It is SO easy to have a kids party at a place instead of at your house! The only thing I don't like is that there's a time limit, and while I'm glad to see most of those people go, sometimes I'd like to visit a bit longer!

  2. wow, what a weekend!!! Glad Tiger's birthday party went well, but yuck to the getting sick part.

    The restaurant looks lovely and how cool for the back area to be a kids' play area! i want to visit :)

  3. wow what a weekend and happy birthday to tiger

  4. Looks like Tiger had a great party!! My nephew's party is next weekend at a skating rink. I think it's great that parents can throw great parties without having all the mess & stress in their homes!!

  5. What a bummer that everyone is sick. Hope your whole family is back to normal soon. =)