Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday 10

I’m hooking up with Lena B and Leigh-Ellen of Little Waterlily in a Big Pond for Tuesday 10 and this week’s topic is dead easy: Pet Peeves

My number 1 Pet Peeve without a doubt is: People who litter

Not using your indicator

Rude people, for example when you tell everyone in the lift to have a nice day and they all just ignore you

People who’s Facebook status always reads something like this: ‘I just can’t carry on’ or ‘What is the point’ … just put I want attention!

People who push to get onto the train before the people getting off have had the chance to get off

Not saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and ‘bless you’ (when someone sneezes)

Not replacing the empty toilet roll (you will not believe how many people don’t do this at my office)

When I let the dogs out the house and Lulu comes back in to pee inside

Parents who don’t let you know if their kid will be attending the birthday party

Realizing that you’ve run out of something just when the stores have closed

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  1. My husband has a thing about when he sneezes, he DOESN'T want people to say "bless you" to him ("if they want to bless me, they don't have to wait until I sneeze!"). So, when he sneezes, I don't say anything. 11 years together, and I still feel like I'm being so rude every time he sneezes!

  2. I very much agree with a lot of these - especially people crying for attention on Facebook! I have one "friend" in particular that drives me nuts with stuff like that.

  3. I couldn't agree more with your peeves, they definitely hit my list too! I have so many pet peeves it is ridiculous haha! I could write a post for days :D

  4. the toilet paper one is biggie here at the house i mean really people not that hard to replace with new roll

  5. My number one is people who litter, too!!! I once saw someone throw a McDonald's bag out their car window and then turn down a driveway 50 feet later. Could they seriously not wait the 20 seconds to throw it into the trashcan at their house? LAZY!

  6. I cannot stand rude people either! And I can't agree more with how annoying it is when people write dramatic facebook posts just to get a reaction from people. Love your list haha!

  7. LOL The cryptic facebok status updates make me crazy!! I refuse to comment on them!

  8. I agree with all of these!! The facebook updates like that drive me crazy!

  9. Agree! I so hate people who litter. People do it all the times these days.