Thursday, October 25, 2012

The office


I'm working in a bubble (small glass cubical office) today which makes a huge difference to the usual open plan office set-up that I have every other day.  Anyhoo, it means that I can listen to some music while I’m dancing working and I love it.

What am I listening to? Well, um, this is the embarrassing bit.... but whatever, it makes me happy:

All American Rejects
 all music links/video via YouTube
These were the last 6 songs on my iPod, as you can see I'm all the place with my taste in music

O &I’m leaving the office early today …parent teacher meeting at the school

Laters! x


  1. such a mix there!!! that must get you going!!!

  2. great songs!! kris kros will make ya jump jump!!! that song is on my wii just dance (cant remember if its version 2 or 3) and i LOVEEEE it.

  3. I'm always more productive when I have music on while I work- plus it just makes me feel good! Love your picks! I'm currently on a girly music kick that is too embarrassing to share!

  4. I LOVE "Move Along" - I once drove my brother nuts repeating it over and over in the car once. lol I'm also a big fan of Kid Rock, Nickelback and Aerosmith. Great mix!

    Have you seen the movie Friends with Benefits? I'd totally forgotten about Kriss Kross until the scene where JT sings it! haha! LOVE!!!

  5. fun update! I do admit I like that song, too, and did you know Aerosmith is, hands down, my favorite band of all time? I've even gotten Audrey hooked - I'm a proud mama!

  6. When I find a song I adore, I play it over and over and over!! Love it!

  7. I love to listen to music at work. It helps make the day go faster.

    I nominated you...

  8. I have a pretty similar taste in music

  9. Nickelback!?? Come on, Jo. You're better than that. :o)