Monday, November 26, 2012

I won the toss

Hello! And so, how was your weekend?  We had another quiet one around here … and this time I didn’t mind.  It was much needed. Things here at work has been a little on the crazy side to say the least.

We actually flipped a coin on Friday so see who would go out and who would stay home with the kids.  We’re democratic like that.

I won the toss and went out for a couple of hours – nothing terrible exciting but it made of  a nice change of pace.

The rest of the weekend was spent doing all those mommy things that would mean the end of a civilised home but that no-one seems to notice.

I did watch rugby again, and once again the Springboks won! YAY! They beat the English by 1 point, one very lucky point. But hey, a win is a win!

I also tried a new recipe yesterday. I was looking at my oldest recipes book yesterday (it used to belong to my granny. It’s called Kook &  Geniet (translated it means Cook & Enjoy). In it I saw a recipe for Bread pudding and since I had quite a bit of old bread in the house I thought why not.

It was dead easy to make.  Himself was not a fan, but both kids loved. I think Tiger ate more than ½ of it, so I will make it again.

Speaking of Tiger, he pulled another tooth! He looks like swiss cheese when he opens his mouth.  I’m so glad the kid likes to pull his own teeth cause it just grosses me out!  I have not pulled a single tooth since becoming a mother 10 years ago … Honestly, I can deal with it all but pulling their teeth out is a line that I will not/cannot cross.  Who pulls teeth in your house? Or do you do the old string around the door trick?

O and the kids & I watched our first Christmas movie. Have you started watching Christmas movies yet?


I’m pretty sure you all have a Bread pudding recipe but in case you don’t here is the one I used:

+/- 8 slices of stale bread (I used a mixture of bread and bread rolls)
3 cups of warm milk
2 eggs
½ cup of sugar (I used more sugar than this, but it’s up to your taste)
1 tbs vanilla
pinch of salt
2 teaspoons of baking powder
½ cup of melted butter


soak the bread on the warm milk and leave to cool
mix eggs and sugar
add all the other ingredients
mix well
add to bread & milk mixture
pour into a buttered baking dish.
bake at 320 F / 160 C for a hour

Serve warm or cold with fruit syrup or ice cream of whatever you feel like. 
Now that I know that the kids like it I’ll add some chocolate or berries or something like that next time


  1. Love Christmas movies! Some how I must find the time to start watching those flicks with my girls. How on earth do we get so busy? :)

  2. love the coin toss idea!! I am going to borrow this for many other things in this house....rock, paper, scissors, shoot is starting to get manipulated too much....
    thanks for the yummy recipe!!

  3. Yum! I luuuurve bread pudding. My mom adds spreads the bread with apricot jam first, then does the layers with coconut inbetween. *sigh* Yum.