Friday, November 9, 2012

I’m not a scrooge, really

If there is one thing about me that really annoys my husband it is my inability to spend money.  I kid you not, it drives him insane. (needless to say there are many things about me that drives him insane but here I’m only talking about one. Don’t want to make you believe that he doesn’t love me, cause trust me if I have to start listing all of them you just might)

Don’t get me wrong it’s not because I’m stingy it’s because I suffer from buyers guilt before I buy anything. I always manage to talk myself out of buying something cause I can convince myself that it’s a waste of money and I should rather keep the money and say, pay some bills with it.

But sometimes I find a way to get around myself.  For example, I L.O.V.E all things Christmas.  And I try to add to my decorations every year.  So this is what I do. I save some loose coins and then go and buy one or two little decorations once or twice a week.  

Meaning that if I start buying odds and ends in November, come Christmas I’ll have managed to add quite a few little things, without the crippling guilt.

I guess you know what I did during my lunch time today …. yip, bought my first two little things.

What do you think?


  1. christmas time is your guilty pleasure! awesome!

    those are cute ornaments? what type of material is that, lace? or are they hard over the shapes?

  2. those are cute! I have to admit I hate spending money on seasonal stuff. I will look for deals before I spend full price. I guess it's just one of those things I won't really splurge on.

  3. I love Christmas! I can't wait to get out and buy some new decorations and start my shopping - the stores are so cheery this time of year! :)

    I love the ornaments you picked - very sweet & elegant!

  4. I so wish I felt guilty before I bought things! My wallet would like me a lot more that's for sure. Super cute ornaments!! I love Christmas (:

  5. they are so cute and i'm like buyer guilt before i even buy

  6. cute!!! I have no problem spending money, but struggle buying seasonal stuff because it's only once a year!

  7. I am the same way! Before I buy anything, even if it's just a $10 tank top, I go over and over in my head about whether I really want it/need it. I am definitely not an impulsive buyer! :o) I love how you do your Christmas decorating though! If you're just spending loose coins, it doesn't REALLY feel like you're spending! Those ornaments are lovely!