Monday, January 21, 2013

I’m staying home next weekend

You know how things happen in 3s? Well the way things are going next weekend is going to be nr 3 and I would much rather avoid it.

Nr. 1 > Flat tire

Last Saturday afternoon (as in not this past weekend but the weekend before that) after picking Tiger up from a birthday party I got a flat tire on the way home along a backwards farm road.  No problem I though, I know how to change a tire.

Only the rental car that I’m driving at the moment had no spare tire only one of these run-flat kits.

After a while I figured out how to work it and despite messing quite a bit of the liquid I managed to inflate the tire to the recommended level.

A farmer who lived nearby came to see if I needed help and also offered that I use is phone when I discovered that I had left mine at home.

Luckily Tiger & I managed to get going before it was pitch black and snowing. Unfortunately, we were home too late to get Cat to swimming.

I don’t know what your husbands are like but mine was really annoyed with me. He claims that it is because I drive like a typical woman that this happened. Cause he’s never had a flat tire. (Yeah I can distinctly remember him getting one about 2 years ago).  On the other hand, this was my third flat tire in 2 years.

Nr. 2 > Towed

On Saturday I drove through to Mechelen (about 50km / 31 miles) away to help my friend Noreen pick new frames for her glasses.  I find it hard to decide what looks good on me when I change my frames, so when she asked me if I would come help her I was only too happy to oblige.

So, after the trip to the optometrist we went and had some coffee etc. I couldn’t stay too long since I had to be back home to get Cat off to swimming on time. So at just after 4 we said our goodbyes.

Okay, now let me first back track. I don’t know Mechelen at all. But Himself had suggested that I just find parking on the street i/o using the underground parking which would cost an arm & a leg.

Right, so when I got there I was thrilled to find parking not too far from the city centre. FFW to when I wanted to leave … the car is not there. Another car is parked where I was parked.

WTF!!!! Now I’m panicking, did someone steal it? Surely no-one would have stolen it! (I did have an antique Singer sewing machine in the back) but still….

I call Noreen. She comes up to meet me. I go into to store across from where I was parked and ask if they saw anything. Yes, as a matter of fact they did. The police towed me away.

So we go outside and low and behold there is one of those temporary no parking sign boards two parking spots away.  Not very clear!!!!

Luckily Noreen knows Mechelen quite well so she was able to take me to the police who told us where we could find the car.

Now, in the mean time the man has been calling me to hear where I am.  Before I knew the car had been towed I told him I was just getting to the car (which I thought was true but then the car was not where I left it).  And since he totally over-reacted about the flat tire I just stuck to my story that traffic was bad (there was an accident on the way back) I just neglected to tell him about being towed away. 

Also, the man’s blood pressure is way too high, so I need to do what I can to keep it down. One day I’ll be able to tell him and he’ll see the funny side of things.

In the mean time, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he doesn’t act totally out of character and get the mail out of the mailbox … and find the bill for the towing service! Cause then the cat will be out the bag in a major way, plus I might be dead.

Nr. 3  > I really hope nothing happens!  

However, my plan to stay at home all weekend is not going to work. Noreen just reminded me that we have tickets to go watch a Pantomime in Antwerp on Sunday.  I’m so going to park under ground!


  1. Sounds like you are having pretty bad luck with cars! I would have Noreen drive :D

  2. Lol, aww that sounds rough. Hope third time turns out to be a charm instead of disaster!

    1. Me too! Cause it is starting to get really expensive!

  3. oh my god talk about bad luck, lady!!! I have had a flat tire in recent history and totally couldn't change it myself. I would have been lucky to have you along!

    Finger's crossed you don't have bad event #3 in your future!

  4. Oh my word. Madness.
    What else can go wrong?
    (Maybe I shouldn't even ask!)
    And YAY! You got the sewing machine???

    1. I did! So happy about it!

      Yes don't tempt fate by asking what else can go wrong!

  5. yowza! Im sorry. what a mess of a week