Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday 10 - If I could do or be anything

I am going to pretend that I have been blogging religiously ... and that I have not been slacking. (I do have a good excuse though, it's been crazy central here at work).

But I miss it and today is Tuesday which means:

This week Lena and Brin, who blogs over at Bold Butter Baby came up with the following topic:

10 Professions You Wish You Had

Okay this should be easy aren’t we all always dreaming about life would be like better if we did something else for a living:

  1. A teacher. When I was little I always wanted to be one. Only these days I’m not so sure if it really is as rewarding as I imagine it to be. But still it deserves to be on my list.
  2. A florist. How nice must it not be to be surrounded all day long by beautiful flowers?
  3. A writer. I love reading and I would love to be able to write.
  4. A bookstore owner. Ever since I saw You’ve got mail I have thought that it must be wonderful to own a little shop like ‘The Shop Around the Corner’
  5. A cupcake/cocktail bar. I love baking and I love cocktails so why not combine the two things I love.  Only, I would want to be able to afford hiring some staff since I would not like to spend day and night working.
  6. Actress. O got the acting bug in high school and even if I never did anything bigger than a regional drama competition when I was 17 I still think it is something I would have loved.
  7. A rock star. I would love to be Pink!
  8. A Painter. I have the desire to be creative, sadly I lack the skills.
  9. A Graphic designer. Again a job that lets you express your creativity.
  10. An interior designer. Sadly, again in reality I like the skill to do this.
  11. Bonus à A water slide tester. Honestly this sounds like such a blast. Just think of all the travel not to mention what a great tan you’ll have

How about you? If you could do anything what would you like to do? Link up and tell us about it!


  1. No 11: Hahahah! Hilarious! Only you would think up such an hilarious job. Wherever did I find you?

  2. I have been such a bad blogger lately too! I absolutely love your last dream job, haha! Why didn't I think of that? Hope you are doing well :)

  3. I like the idea of a florist but I can never make bouquets look pretty in a vase so I would probably be a big failure at that!!!

    I always want to be a psychologist which in some ways in my position I am!!!

  4. lol water slide tester! id be so nervous i would get hurt!

    i really like your reference to the shop around the corner. :)

  5. I love answer #4!

    My dream occupation was always to own a lunch counter in a busy downtown area. I would focus on soups, salads, sweet tea, and desserts (all marked up a crazy amount, of course). Each day, I would feature one special meal, like chicken paprikash or beef tips and noodles. I could work from 10-2 every day. :)

  6. We have a lot of similiar "dream jobs" - being a writer is still one I'd love to have, and owning a bookstore has always been a little fantasy of mine! And seriously - who WOULDN'T want to be a water slide tester?!? LOL!

  7. Being a teacher is wonderful. You have a lot of autonomy and things are always changing. BUT you have to deal with a lot of beurocracy, red tape, politicians who hate you, and parents who blame you for everything.

    If I could have been anything else, I think I would have liked to have been a writer, chef, or TV talk show host!

    1. My cousin and brother-in-law is as well, they work so hard and get paid so little. And yes, a lot of paperwork. But few things can make as big an impact on a kid as a teacher.

  8. I would be Pink too! If I could sing, and didn't have horrible stage fright, and if I was a bad ass...

  9. dream jobs I want Writer, painter, book store owner, personal assistance to a celebrity, Nanny, flight attendant, Disney animator, candy tester, definitely a rock star because like you i want to be Pink or Kelly Clarkson, and last i want Ryan Seacrest's job

  10. Cupcakes and cocktails?! That's a super idea! Following you now from the link up. :)

  11. those all sound like awesome jobs! except being a teacher... been there done that and i was not a fan

  12. Oh I think I want a cupcake/cocktail bar now too. LOL. Great list. I also wanted to be a teacher.

  13. I would love to be an interior designer too, but have no skills! Or a Broadway star. I can't sing, dance or act, but it would be fun! I never really thought about being a florist, but it does sound good now that you mention it.

  14. I would love to be an interior designer as well! Or at least I can start a blog about it. lol

  15. I have seriously always thought I was gonna be a grade school teacher! I had a chalkboard, glasses, book, the whole 9 when I was younger!! Then got to middle school and realized how annoying us KIDDOS were and didn't think I had the strength to deal!

  16. OMG PLEASE open a cocktail/cupcake bar promptly - here in Maryland please ;)

  17. Haha I love all of your want to have professions!! They sound fun :D

  18. please open your cupcakes and cocktails bar in my town. I would go every day!