Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It made the news so it must be true ...

I don't have much time to watch the news on tv so I tend to listen to the radio on the way into work in the mornings and then, depending on how busy it is at work I'll try and have a look at the newspapers or read the metro on the train (free newspaper).

Here are just a couple of  news stories that I've noticed recently:

Menganno -- (Spanish for Joe Blow ) the super hero form Buenos Aires

According to the article he was a self-styled superhero, prowling the gritty outskirts of Buenos Aires wearing a mask and cartoonish outfit and armed only with a flashlight, compass and pepper spray as he took on bad guys. Only his cover was blown following at shoot-out with local thugs.

Easy enough for a dog to do: BUCHAREST - Stray dogs crossing at crosswalks are being used by the Romanian traffic police in a new safety campaign to convince pedestrians to be more careful. 

Would you vote for Vladimir?


Murder by vagina

and last, but by no means He's back!


  1. omg this are actually new stories

  2. Oh, my.....I just don't understand anymore.....seriously. And why is Franz's face dirty? Weird.

    I posted the Diet Coke commercial on my blog, too....I thought it was too funny. Do you remember the one from the nineties?


  3. wow, I don't even know what to say!!!!!!