Tuesday, January 22, 2013

In my own hand

Today is the last time that Lena is hosting the Tuesday10 … which is a little sad. But, I’m very glad to know that as of next week we’ll be in the capable hands of Mindy. Thanks for taking over Mindy!

Joining Lena as co-host today is Cody (Solemn Sound) … Thanks ladies!


And since topic is handwriting I’ve written my post by hand only to realize that no-one will be able to read it. So I've added a typed out version below:

1. I hate writing with a black pen!  
2. I love writing with a blue pen!
3. I want a fine point pen.
4. I don’t like anything with runny ink like a felt tip pen.
5. I think my handwriting looks best when I write in pencil.
6. I turn my page on its side when I write … so the top of the page will be on my left
7. I like writing on lined paper
8. I can’t read my kids handwriting because they both learned to write in Belgium (weird cursive style)
9. I can change my handwriting so completely it looks like my aunts (she’s left handed)
10. I’m sad when I think how few people write things these days, soon no-one will know how to write anymore


  1. I can read it! Fancy with your little y's with a flourish!

  2. I think snail mail letter writing is becoming a lost art, I agree. I love receiving handwritten notes. Here in the South, it's considered ill-mannered to send a thank-you email. Everyone is still encouraged to write a hand-written thank-you. :D

    So happy the weather has been nice in Belgium. I love it when it's sunny after several dark, gold, gray winter days!


  3. The way you turn your paper is odd ;) I chuckled when I read you can't read your kids' handwriting! I think they can use that against you :)

  4. you have gorgeous handwriting

  5. A fun take on this week's theme! I write with a wide variety of pens but I must say the actual list of things I do hand write was shockingly small!

    1. Thanks ... because I write to little I had to change my list up a bit :)

  6. i could read all of them!! :)

  7. You have great handwriting. I love blue ink & I like a fat tip much better then a fine tip. :)

  8. Love the handwriting. I still write out my lists and probably always will. Hail to the blue ink!

  9. I must disagree about the black/blue ink! :)

    I love to write with my calligraphy pen!

    You have lovely handwriting!

  10. I still write by hand at work every day! Everyone makes fun of me because I have a computer right in front of me, but it helps me think to write it out by hand!

  11. Oh I could read it! I am ashamed of my own hand writing, just never liked it!

  12. I might just have to get in on this 10 deal after all. Happy to see you blogging more!