Wednesday, June 19, 2013

15 differences

I saw this post on Ree's page (Confessions of a pioneer woman) and thought, oh that looks like fun!  So here goes:

He will never let a single drop of a smoothie cross his lips

I make a very healthy, spinach variety smoothie for myself at least 3 - 4 times a week for breakfast

He sleeps as late as he can (and manages to ignore most sounds, like the dogs begging to be let out)

I wake up, early, to let the dogs out, deal with the kids etc etc

He likes to drink Nesquick (by the pint)

I really don't like drinking milk, never mind Nesquick

He never drinks hot drinks

I love both coffee and tea (as long as I've been up and about for about an hour)

He can't remember the name of the last book he read

I'm always reading a book (The Reversal by Michael Connelly at the moment)

He has been known to mix up his left and his right when giving directions

I don't. Which has cause some interesting trips cause he said right, when he actually meant left

He does not care what he is wearing

I want to know that I look at least ½ way decent before leaving the house

He doesn't see the point of eating cereal

I think that cereal is the perfect meal, any time of the day

He would never order a salad

I have some sort of salad on a daily basis

He will only eat cooked tomatoes

I love tomatoes in all shapes and forms, raw and cooked

He hates salmon

I love salmon

He is a really good dancer

I can't dance

He appreciates a fine whisky

I could not tell you the first thing about whisky

He doesn't have a Facebook account (but he is on FB all the time)

I have a Facebook account but chances are if I made a comment it wasn't me but him (especially if it was a rude comment)


He is the strongest person I know (no jokes, the man has the strength of 10 regular guys)

My arms have the strength of cooked spaghetti                             

But hey, it's work for the past 15+ years so we must be doing something right.

How about you and your other half? Are you similar or like chalk and cheese?


  1. haha! this is awesome. ours would be so opposite for sure!

  2. I'm having fun reading these posts today! I'm like your hubby in that I always mix up my left and right. I'm terrible for it!

  3. LOL! Cooked spaghetti! ;o)

    So clearly you are the healthier one of the two. And I agree...cereal is a perfectly acceptable meal at any time of the day. Sometimes I'll even have it for breakfast AND dinner.

  4. LOL Like chalk and cheese....I love your list. How much fun! I think that my husband and I are very much alike when it comes to the important stuff, but as far as interests and tastes, we're very different.


  5. Oh this is so cute....and really makes you think!! Hubby and I are similiar in many ways and truly different in others. It helps to keep life interesting :)

  6. Sweet! Chalk and cheese-- yeah, those are completely different, but I've never heard that phrase before!