Thursday, June 27, 2013

Because we can - live!

So the first concert I ever went to was on 1 December 1995 - Bon Jovi – These days. I can’t believe it was 18 years ago!  I actually found a youtube clip from that concert … somewhere in that crowd there is a 18 year old me, singing her little heart out.

Also, since it was 18 years ago I don’t have any photos … sad hey.

Anyway, since then I have been to a couple more concerts but not to another Bon Jovi concert, till last weekend.

If you were around in January you might, probably not, remember that I had a bet going with my friend Noreen. We both wanted to lose 5Kg and as a motivational tool we said that whoever took the longest to lose the weight will have to buy the ‘winner’s ticket.

Now, few things in life can motivate me as much as the idea of saving money meaning I was as good as gold and won the bet.
For some reason Noreen no longer wants to make any similar bets with me. I just don’t get it.

Anyway, back to last weekend. I only worked ½ on Friday and took the train up to Duffel where Noreen lives. She picked me up at the station and we hit the road.  2½ hours later we were checking into our hotel on the outskirts of Cologne.

Next stop, central Cologne for a bit of retail therapy at TKMaxx. Starbucks and a walk down to the Dom (the big Cathedral). Only we never got there. We got distracted by an Irish pub, decided to stop and have a quick cider and ended up sitting there for hours.

Saturday morning it was back to the shops and let me tell you we shopped till we dropped.

The concert was set to start at 6 so we went back to our hotel to shower and change. The venue was quite close by but it was raining so we just took a cab over. By the time we got there it had cleared up.

After picking up a t-shirt for Noreen’s daughter, some food and drinks we made our way in. We got about ½ way into the crowd but because we are both rather short and surrounded by very tall Germans we couldn’t see much. Not even on the screens. We later discovered that it was much better at the back. It wasn’t crowed and the sound was much better. Yeah for some reason the sound quality was not fantastic but it really was better the further away from the stage you were.  

They had a great set list which included songs from their new cd and some of the classics.

We had a blast. After 30 years of doing this they still seem to enjoy doing it. Obviously Richie was missed but Theo (filos Xenidis) did a great job. I also think that Tico Torres is looking hot for someone who is nearly 60! ( he will be 60 on Tiger’s 9th birthday).

I wonder if they have another world tour in them? I would love to go, even if I have to buy my own ticket.

Jon and the local support act .. images via Google

apartment blocks in the shape of an industrial crane! pretty cool

Noreen - just discovered that you could order a venti at starbucks!

The original 7411 building

A piece of the Dom

me wearing my new shoes ... i love buying shoes


  1. love the shoes. your hair looks awesome! and i remember you writing about the bet!! thats so great you won :)

  2. Those shoes! Impressive.

    So cute. My first concert was George Michael's Faith tour. Pretty much the best day of my life.

  3. love the new shoes! glad you had fun : )

  4. I love it! Y'all had such a great time....and you look too, too cute! I'm so jealous. I *heart* Jon Bon Jovi!!!

    I know you were sooooo looking forward to the concert. So happy y'all enjoyed it, my friend.

    Great post!


  5. I remember that concert like it was yesterday! I can still remember Owen phoning to ask if I wanted to go, and being absolutely petrified of asking my parents!!
    What a great night - we were so young...

  6. You look awesome! But how the hell do you keep from twisting your ankle while walking? Much less dancing!

    Bon Jovi is coming here, to Hyde Park, but the tickets are so far out of my price range that I had to pass. We are going to Elton John in two weeks though! Wooohooo!

  7. What a fun night away! I can't wait to see them now! Was Richie there? I thought I read somewhere that he quit the tour. You look amazing! Perfect concert attire! Also, I think I would have got distracted by a pub too! Although, I've been to the Cologne Cathedral, but it had scaffolding all over it, so I might have to see it again someday.

  8. How awesome and girl, you look HOT in those shoes!!! I never wear heels, but you're making me rethink it. Your legs look amazing :)