Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer loving

You know what happened to me this weekend? I was standing at the kitchen sink, finishing up the last of the dishes. Through the window I could smell the freshly mowed grass, the kids were laughing, and not fighting with each other. The sun was shining and there was a great song on the radio and I just thought to myself … Life is pretty great!

Then the kids started fighting, and life got real again.

But I’m not going to focus on that. We had a great weekend! On Friday we had drinks/dinner with my work colleagues, partners included. So for the first time most of us met the significant others of the people we work with.   And even though according to Himself & I the food was over prices and not that great we had fun. Until someone ordered some banana daiquiri’s .. I am not a fan!

I think we got home at around 3 - 3:30 … so we had fun.

Saturday the weather was fantastic! 26ºC / 78º F … which is why I spent as much time outside as possible, which means that very little got done inside the house … but who cares the weather was fantastic!

On Sunday the kids & I picked my mom up and made our way over to the annual St. Anthony’s faire.  It’s a great afternoon out for the family (though I’ll have to tell you that most dad’s/husbands would probably admit that they really only go to keep their wives happy).

My kids did what they do every year; they bought loads and loads of crap. Really! But since I’m planning on purging their bedrooms during the summer I didn’t care much. At least they got it all for next to nothing.

Tiger bought a pair of rollerblades for a euro. Cat and her friend Alannah bought loads of jewellery.  I bought books. 25 books and they cost me no more than 12 euro which is what I usually pay for a cheap book.

Pretty good weekend!


  1. Twenty five books! You are going to be busy! I get excited over deals like that! :o)

    I've never even heard of a banana daiquiri...doesn't sound pleasant. The smell of bananas always makes me a little nauseous.

  2. isn't it funny when we have those moments and then the kids snap us back to reality with fighting??? ha!!!

  3. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! I feel like all your weekends seem super fun.