Thursday, September 5, 2013

3.1 kg / 6.8 lbs

It really was not an easy delivery, then again it could have been a lot worse but by the time Thursday rolled round 11 years ago I was done.  I was starving and knackered. After 4 days of labour I just wanted it all to be over and done with.

Finally at 14:15 she made her appearance. Our baby girl!

Can't believe that was 11 years ago, where has the time gone???  In stead of a screaming, pooping baby we now are the proud parents of a fantastic, smart, kind and funny kid.

taken about 5 min after she woke up this morning with the cake that she took to school


  1. awww she is so cute Jo! happy birthday to your little lady.

    (um four days of labor???? yowza!)

  2. Happy Birthday to Cat!! Too cute!! :)

  3. I can attest to long days of labor, yikes.
    Happy birthday to her!

  4. Happy Birthday to her!

    They grow so dang fast.

  5. FOUR DAYS of labor?! It's a miracle that you had a second one! Seriously.

    Happy birthday to your sweet girl! I wish I looked that cute five minutes after I woke up. ;o)

  6. Aw happy birthday to her! Oh to be 11 again ... :)

  7. Happy Birthday!

    Wow, Jo...She has really matured in just a few months! She is so pretty!

    I hope she had a great day!


  8. Four days of labor?! Whoa. She is so beautiful. You're doing a great job!