Monday, September 9, 2013

Whirlwind weekend

What a busy weekend. I was quite happy to come into work this morning, just to have some ‘down-time’.

I started baking the moment I got home from work on Friday. I had just put the second sheet cake in the oven when I calculated and realized that I was not going to have enough eggs. So I hopped on my bicycle, raced to the shop and bought some more eggs and raced back home, before the cake got burned.

In between baking I had to make dinner so by the time I was done it looked like a bomb had exploded in my kitchen.

Saturday morning started quite early, Tiger had a football match (luckily Cat didn’t have swimming) and I had to get started with the frosting and decorating. Then Cat said that she wanted to go shopping so ½ through decorating we stopped for a shopping break.

The cakes made it to Duffel in once piece and Alannah was thrilled with her House of Anubis/Egyptian inspired cake as was Cat with her peace (Mercedes sign, oops) cake.

The party itself was dead easy. Thanks to Noreen who very generously hosted it again. The kids were busy on the bouncy castle and the adults were eating, drinking and having a good time. I think we only left there after 10. Cat stayed behind so the girls could have a sleep over, clearly they didn’t see enough of each other during the party.

Sunday was a blur of activity, cleaning and laundry and school work. Honestly, I think I have more ‘down-time’ in the office than what I do at home, (good thing my boss doesn’t read this).

Oh and can you believe it, on Saturday my dear daughter told me that I totally embarrass her and really she would not mind going shopping on her own next time. But she was glad that I was there to carry all her shopping. Especially since she never though about how she was going to manage all her shopping bags on her bicycle.  

The birthday girls - Alannah & Cat


The peace (mercedes)cake

House of Anubis cake - thanks to Himself who shaped the cake. I was worried I might screw it up.

The head of Anubis.


  1. You're amazing! I love the bike ride to get eggs. Awesome.

  2. You're so good. I would have run out of eggs and went to the bakery instead!

  3. FANTASTIC job on the cakes! You are incredibly talented! I'm totally laughing at the image of you covered in flour, biking to the store for more eggs. Maybe you weren't covered in flour, but it looks funnier in my head that way. ;o)

  4. I think you just gave me a glimpse into my weekend coming up! Having a party for my youngest on Saturday and I have not begun to get organized. Eek
    Now those cakes, they are AMAZING!!! Off to Pinterest to get some inspiration for our big day :)

  5. you are so incredible when it comes to your cakes! nice job. I agree - I think there is more down time at work for sure. You can eat without stopping a million times to get someone something!!