Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The down side of drinking lots of water

After 3 weeks at home I really need to do something about the extra 'padding' I've developed around my thighs. So I'm trying to drink more water and eat less junk. Easier said than done. All the water means I have to pee, often! It is one thing to do this when you are at home, it is a whole different story if you sit in an open plan office, right on the opposite side of the floor, in relation to where the toilets are.

The eating less junk is not going so well either. My friend Kristina flew in from Greece and she brought fresh baklava with her! I mean, how on earth am I suppose to resist that?

As predicted yesterday the kids didn't get up with quite the same eagerness this morning, in fact I would have totally over slept if it wasn't for the dogs waking me up. Himself had turned the sound off on my phone and forgot to tell me so I never heard the alarm this morning. It is not often that I'm grateful for our annoying dogs.

I was up till 11:30 last night covering school books and only stopped because I ran out of contact (I don't know what you would call it, its the Self Adhesive (Sticky) plastic that you use to cover books with). So I'm going to have to finish that tonight.

The kids have also started their sports activities, I'm not quite sure how we are going to manage it this year with Himself working at the pub from 3 in the afternoons. Cat has swimming 6 times a week and Tiger has football 3 times a week, often at the same time. Anyway, we'll find some way of doing it, I'm sure we are not the only parents who have to juggle schedules.

Oh a friend of mine sent me this link this morning, all I can say is OH MY WORD! I don't think I ever want to risk going to Russia!


  1. oh, I know the feeling!! it's a catch 22 for sure.

  2. That's a lot of after school activities. You're going to go nuts! Good luck.

  3. Holy moly!!! My nerves are going to be shot for the rest of the day after watching that video! That is a crapload of close calls! And why in the world are there so many dashboard cameras in Russia?!

    About the water thing - if you keep drinking this much water, eventually your body gets used to holding more and you won't have to pee as often. It'll just be like this the first couple of weeks!

  4. It's okay, I'm not the best with giving up the junk either. I try to limit myself to one junk item a day.