Monday, September 30, 2013

cama cama chameleon

Hair color is an identity—when you change it, you can become a different person. -  
Kyle White is the senior colorist at Oscar Blandi salon in New York City.

If you have been following my blog you might know that I like to change my hair color and style, often. Why, cause I like it. It keeps life interesting, or to quote my husband: ‘variety is the spice of life’

I haven’t always been this daring with my hair; in fact, the most daring I ever got was going for a pixie cut after our wedding and bleaching it white. But then we moved to Belgium and because the only think I could figure out how to say was cut it short I got rid of the bleached hair and grew it out.

And then I fell into a rut  stuck with it and had it long and blond for nearly 7 years.

So why am I telling you all of this? I don’t know. Maybe cause I got a new color ‘that I like’ or because so many people ask me how do I find the courage to change my hair.

Courage, it’s hair people. It grows. Even if you do something that you don’t like (like I did 2 weeks ago) it really just takes 2 weeks before you can change it.

Unless you shave it all off, but still after 2 weeks you just have a really short pixie cut.

Then they say, oh I could never do that, aren’t you scared, Scared of what? It is not permanent; you are not doing something that you can never ever change. Who knows you might love it!

So here is a look at some of the looks that I’ve sported and my new color. Oh and yes, you might notice that it is getting a tad longer. That is cause I’m trying to grew it. Who knows how long that will last?



  1. You look cute with any length or color.

    Fun fact - I colored my hair for the first time last year. At age 37. And, only because I found gray hairs. SO LAME. I wish I had been more adventurous!

  2. I love your fun style and that you're willing to try so many different new things! GO YOU! I need to step out of my comfort zone that's for sure lol! Now that my race is done I'm thinking a cut is def in order, and not just a trim :)

  3. I am a big hair experimenter too. You really rock the short look!!

  4. I love the short length on you. I'm pretty low key with my hair. Keep in mind I did not do highlights until I turned 40.

  5. I wish I would experiment more but no, I basically keep my hair long. I have changed colors though!

  6. LOL Our hair is very similar today! Notice I say today because we change our hair so often!

  7. You are so pretty, Jo! You have the right face to do practically anything with your hair, which is probably why you aren't as scared as the rest of us. ;o)

    Your hair must grow incredibly fast. I can still remember when you shaved it and now it's as long as it is in the last picture?! I love the blonde on you, but I also REALLY love that photo of you with the short black pixie. Both are gorgeous!

  8. You look amazing with short hair. I've been thinking about going short for awhile now. I'm thinking I will take the plunge next summer! It has been short in almost 2 years!

  9. I love when people play with their hair! For me it's more about self confidence. I always think...if I had a cuter face, if I was skinnier, if I wasn't so pale, if my hair was thicker, etc. I should work on that! I do need a haircut soon, but it'll probably be a boring long bob.