Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2-on Tuesday : Pet-peeves

I know it's Wednesday and I'm a day late, sorry! But when I saw the topic I just had to take part.

So for Andrea's  2-on Tuesday here are my pet-peeves:

Without even having to think about it I can tell you that my number 1 pet-peeve of all time is PEOPLE WHO LITTER!!!
Honestly it makes me totally irrationally angry!

How hard is it to keep a piece of paper or plastic or whatever it may be in your pocket or in your car until you can find a dustbin??
I'm getting annoyed just thinking about it!

I've managed to teach my kids to have the same pet-peeve. Every time they see someone litter they comment on how rude & disgusting it is.

Number 2 is harder to determine cause I have quite a few pet peeves (I might have quite a few but I'm pretty good at keeping my mouth shut). 

I would have to say it is inconsiderate people. Inconsideration can be expressed in so many way, not waiting for people to step of the train before pushing your way onto the the train, saying you'll do something and then don't. Making people go to a specific restaurant so they can accommodate your 'special' food whims and then on the day decide that you didn't feel like going after all.


  1. I agree about the littering! I am also like that with people who don't recycle at work... I hate seeing cans in the trash!

  2. oh, I hate when people throw trash out of their car! ugh!