Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mid-term break

I'm so annoyed I wrote an entire post about our weekend and then when it came to down loading my photo's last night my memory card would not work !!

I had a couple of choice words to say (under my breath) to my camera
And without the photo's the post would just be too blah for words.
Soooooo what now I have to come up with a new post.

Our kids are on their mid-term break this week. Himself had a couple of things to do in town yesterday so he left the kids at home. Ok ok before you all reply and comment on how could we ever leave our kids home alone let me just say this:

We live on a 'farm'
We own 3 big boxers
Said dogs are scary if you don't know them or they don't know you.
There is no crime in our village
It was only for 3 hours & they have a phone to call us if anything happens

Right, so when he got home he found them working in the garden. Yip you read that right, my kids had decided on their own to rake up the leaves in the drive.

When Himself asked Cat what they were up to she said:
'Well you know dad, it's good to get dirty some times'

They have gone to Eftling today. Efteling is the Dutch take on Disney. It's great! The kids love going and we don't mind going either. It's better than Disney land Paris in our opinion because it's spread out more, the cues are shorter and Tiger can go on nearly all the rides.

Because someone has to work I could not go with.
When putting the kids to bed last night Cat tells me that she thinks I should call my boss & tell him that I'm sick. Maybe say something like I'm vomiting.

Mmmh she was off school last Friday because she was sick & vomiting.... makes me wonder.

PS. My opinions about Disney Land Paris & Efteling are my own. I was not asked to promote and/or comment on either.


  1. what sweet little helpers you have!

  2. I know they can be great when they want to!