Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tuesday night dinner

I admire and yes, I'll admit envy women who manages to work full time and then have a healthy dinner on the table every night.

I know that it takes planning and organizing and self-discipline. (I seem to lack all of these when it comes to cooking dinner).

In our house dinner is very much a last minute event all depending on what time I or all of us got home. What can be found in the fridge and who will be having dinner. When it's just the kids & I have a hard time convincing myself to cook an entire meal.

Last night Himself & the kids were waiting for me at the train station. As usual I asked 'so what do you feel like doing for dinner tonight?'

I'll cook dinner he said and then mentioned that our friends Jay & Kay would we popping round for dinner.

Let me tell you he might not cook very often but when he does its good!

The menu:

Olives and fetta cheese
An assortment of cold cuts
Fresh warm bread
Fresh carbonara made with handmade pasta
Main: Lamb chops, grilled potatos and a red oinion in red wine reduction on the side
Wine: a most lovely Raka Quinary 2006 from South Africa
Dessert: Fresh strawberries and vanilla ice cream

Mmmh it was GOOD!


  1. um... WOW - my hubby occasionally cooks, but it's NOTHING like this - that sounds fantastic.

  2. He is good, if only he would do it more often