Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The most wonderful time of the year

There is only one Starbucks in Brussels and it's at the central station. There is one at the airport as well but that doesn't really count as being in Brussels.

Once in a while I'll get off the train at Central station and indulge my craving and then hop on a train to North station to go to work.

I did that this morning. Got myself a Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha (Grande). While listening to Christmas carols. Man it just put me in the mood for Christmas.

I still have to try the other 2 flavours

Then as usual on a Tuesday I met up with my mom for lunch only we didn't really feel like eating to we strolled in and out of a couple of stores in the 'mall' close to my office. I wasn't planning on getting anything but I just could not resist getting a couple of Christmas decorations like these:

Love these little laterns

Are they not just too cute?

Aah I'm so glad it's this time of the year!

It's true, I do!

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