Monday, November 21, 2011

A taste of the good life

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Melissa over on Completely Eclipsed put a notice on her blog the other day about a new blogger. I checked her out & she looks lovely. So go on and say hi to her and check out her blog Good in my Feet.

While you at it why don't you check out this cool web site called awesomommy.

Now if you have ever read my profile you'll have know that I fantasize about a life of leisure.

On Thursday I had not been feeling too great and since I knew that I had nothing super urgent to do at work on Friday I decided to stay at home and play hooky recover. It's not often that I get to spend time with my man, all by myself.

After taking the kids to school and sorting out the dogs I hoped back into bed snuggled up and we watched a movie, Warrior. (not really a girls movie but it had a good message & my man loved it).

Then Jay called to say that he was finished with work for the day and did Himself want to do something (Jay is a para-trooper and has really great work hours). Jay's wife who is one of my best friends was also home sick from work (she really has been sick all week). Within about 15 min it was decided that we should go out for lunch.

Let me tell you I would love to have long leisurely lunches every day!

We sat outside under the space heater with blankets over our legs. Just as a side note I think all restaurants should provide you with blankets. Kay & I had gotten there first since the boys had to go find parking. We had just gotten settled when this young waiter walks past us with a tray and 2 glasses of white wine. 'Two white wines' he asked, 'no but we'll have them' Then he asked us 'would you like some money?' Kay & I just looked at each other 'yes please' we replied still a little confused but if the boy was handing out money, who are we to stop him.

But no, we only got a menu each.

Money / Menu .... it's a French accent thing.

Lunch was de-vine!

If ever you find yourself in Waterloo, Belgium you should stop by and have lunch or dinner at Six Colonnes. It was our first time there but we will be going back there soon.

Just to give you an idea between us we had:

For Starters:
  • Foie Gras with Brioché
  • Cheese croquettes (sounds so much nicer in French: Les petits fondus au fromage)
  • Fresh fish soup
and for the Main course:
  • Sole with a butter glaze and mash potatoes (le Duo de solettes meunières, bintjes écrasées)
  • Tomato and shrimp salad, served with french fries (did you know that french fries are not really french at all but actually Belgian?)
  • Pheasant Vol au vent
  • Sea food risotto

Nothing like a good glass or 2 3 of wine, and great friends, and my man to share a truly leisurely lunch with, especially when you know you could should be sitting in the office.

Himself had better start making some big bucks now cause I would like to do that again and often.

The rest of the weekend was rather quiet.

Cat was off at scout's camp and Himself was in Poland on business to launch Stack-Cup Poland.They both came home saying that they had a great time and didn't miss Tiger & I much.

Tiger & I went couch hunting, he picked a huge white leather couch. It would be good since our lounge is really dark and putting a dark couch in there would not be the best for making the room seem bigger or lighter but honestly I can't imagine how long that couch would stay nice. I'm leaning more towards maybe a butter coloured couch, but we'll have to wait & see. All I know is that we'll have to order one soon or our guest will have to sit on the floor come Christmas.

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