Friday, January 27, 2012


Thanks so much for putting up with me during my pity party and for all your kind comments.

I'm feeling much better!

How can I not?

Sun is shining, sky is blue (for the first time in ages!)

Himself is back from South Africa, with lots of nice presents for us.......

ultra mel, biltong and droë wors

What might that be?

Well, biltong and droë wors is like jerky but 1 million times better!
Sorry but it's true, I've had jerky and it's just not the same.

This is bilton, it's made in big pieces and then you can cut it into bite size pieces yourself or have it cut that way for you.

This is what droëwors looks like

The biggest difference is that biltong is dry cured, not cooked. This means that it has a soft chewy texture. The other big difference is the spices. Real biltong is made with 22 different spices.

Droë wors is basically the same but it's more like a thin dried sausage.

If you live in the States and would like to try it I see you can now order it online from biltongusa

Let me know what you think, I bet you never eat jerky again!


To be honest it's nothing other than ready made custard, but it is o sooo good!

It's just sweet enough and just runny enough and is perfect on it's own. Needless to say it also makes everything better.
Jello and ultramel, pie and ultramel, vanilla ice cream and ultramel the list can go on and on....

When I had my tonsils removed as a kid (like many, many other kids) I lived on ultramel.
Same, when I had my wisdom teeth removed. Nothing quite like it to make you feel better.

I also got a lovely pair of antique earrings, and I'm sure you know a girl can never have too much bling!

Speaking of too much bling... the Oscar nominations (did you make that connection too? Not? Oscars ... red carpet .... stunning gowns ... even more stunning bling on show! Never mind! )

The nominations included Bullhead for Best foreign language films.

Bullhead is a Belgian movie and it's not everyday that we make the news, well for things other than the fact that we were without a government for 541 days or Tennis/Kim Clijsters. So we are very proud of the nomination.

No I haven't seen it, but I've heard that it's a really good movie so if you don't mind the subtitles you should go and watch it. I'm planning on watching it and I'll need the subtitles as well since they speak in the local dialect that only people form Limburg understand.

Now go on and enjoy your weekend, I'm going to!


  1. Ick. I am NOT a fan of jerky. Biltong doesn't look like it's my cup of tea either. But ready-made custard? I'm in! :o)

    Congrats on the foreign film nomination!!! I'll be rooting for Bullhead in honor of you!

    1. I'm telling you it's much nicer than jerky but I know not everyone likes it.

  2. Okay, apparently I need to try biltong - we LOOOOVE jerky. And ready-made custard? I never knew such a thing existed, but sounds like a delicacy! ;)

    1. O I'm telling you once you taste biltong you'll be addicted for life!
      I would send you some if I could but seeing as we don't get here either I suggest you contact those people from BiltongUSA.

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