Thursday, January 5, 2012

When they discover sarcasm

So when I got home from work last night the kids are watching a movie starring Harry Connick Jr.

'Oh I like him' I say to them
'I think he is charming' pipes up Tiger
'Hey Babe, Tiger thinks Harry Connick Jr is charming' I shout to Himself who is in the next room.
'For you' says Tiger to me but at the same time Himself is walking into the room
'For me? You think he's charming for me?' he asks Tiger
'Yes, he is just perfect for you' Tiger tells he's dad while rolling his eyes.

My my, I think the boy just discovered sarcasm.... this could get interesting.

Something else that is interesting and exciting at the same time is Amber's first ever giveaway.

Actually no don't enter her giveaway cause I really want to win it.
But do check out her blog Binkertation, she's cool

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