Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend roundup

My mom is back!

Ok, she was only away for 2 weeks but it was really nice to see her again.

I got the kids to make Welcome back signs on Friday night.
Then, to their horror made them go to bed early on Friday evening. When I woke them up at 8 o'clock on Saturday morning Tiger was horrified that I would wake them up in the middle of the night.

Her flight was landing at 9:26 so we rushed out the house without breakfast cause I thought we could pick her up and then all go get some breakfast together.

Well that was the plan.......

The airline lost/left her luggage in Paris so we spent 2½ hours waiting for her to come through. As you can imagine the waiting around was B O R I N G ! ! for the kids. They even started suggesting that we leave and just let her take the bus into town. My kids sometimes aren't very nice I'm sorry to say.

Finally she made it out and instead of being greeted to two excited grand kids there I was standing holding a sign that said Welcome home Oma with not a kid in sight. They were at the 'kids entertainment area'.

My mom, Cat & Tiger

The airline promised to drop her bags off some time on Saturday and my mother was feeling rather tired so we just went straight over to her apartment.

The kids and I went back to her place on Sunday and spent the day with her. Needless to saythe kids were super excited to go visit and see what all their cousins had sent over for them. While they were playing with their new toys my mom & I got to catch up on all the news, who's doing what, who's had a baby, etc etc. It was good.

Today was back to school for the kids and surprisingly I managed to get them up and ready for school on time without any hassles. Now we just need Himself to get up and ready on time in the mornings. I must say that it really was high time for the kids to get back to school if their behaviour over the weekend was anything to go by. They were doing their best to annoy each other! Meaning they were driving me insane!

O and I don't know if you have seen this on YouTube, if you haven't really do check it out, they are amazing!

Have a great week!

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