Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pity-party for one

I'm currently feeling very sorry for myself.

I don't really have reason to. I mean, I got a new laptop, I got a car (which has been sorely needed!).
My kids are healthy. I have a hard working husband, I have a home, and a job ....see so many things to feel good about.

Instead I'm focusing on feeling tired and sore like I'm coming down with something.

I've had a head ache for two days, I got up with a nasty cough this morning and my entire body is sore.

I can't afford to take time off work to be sick and get it out of my system. You know, some TLC time for myself.


Because we are understaffed at work as it is and currently we have two people off sick which means that we are drowning in work even more than usual.

Also, Himself is in South Africa on a business trip. He got to see his family & my brother and his family and friends whom I have not seen in four years!

All of which is leaving me feeling homesick even though I don't have a home there anymore and honestly I really don't want to move back there. I just want to be able to go visit.

I'm not even going to get into my house..... and it's my own fault I know. I procrastinate and then things just pile up and get worse. But knowing that it is my own fault doesn't seem to make things better.

I feel like eating junk, comforting junk and drinking loads of hot chocolate. I love coffee but when I'm feeling like this I want hot chocolate. And cookies, I would love some cookies. And my bed with no reason to get up until I feel like it!

Right, I guess I'll have to pull myself together and get sorted. I have work to do and kids to fetch from school in 1½ hours. But I might just procrastinate a bit more tonight and go to bed early with a cup of hot chocolate and cookies.


  1. Hot cocoa sounds just right - sorry everything is lousy.

  2. Congrats - you are NORMAL!!! ;o) I think everyone throws a pity party for themselves every now and then. So drink that hot chocolate and eat those cookies because it's gonna make you feel better. Then you'll be back to regular Jo in no time! :o) Hope you feel better soon!