Monday, January 23, 2012

Too much work makes Jo's life too boring to blog about

18 January ....

The reason why I've been so quiet is two fold.

1. -> I have been so busy at work I haven't had time to do anything other than work. Then when I get home my brain feels so numb I do the basics like feeding everyone and I must admit that Himself have been a super husband when it comes to cooking dinner nearly ever night. So it's not even like I have to cook I just have to dish up and clear the kitchen, make sure the kids had a shower put them to bed and then I just crash. After about 40 min of some mindless tv I am asleep.

As a result the pile of ironing is getting bigger and bigger and I think the house is being taken over by dust bunnies.

2. - Life has not been exciting or interesting in the least. Meaning I would feel terribly bad about boring you'll to death with tales about, well, nothing.

The only 2 happy things which happened to me were:

I got a new laptop! Yeah! I'm super excited about that. Only wish I had more time to actually discover all it can do. I suggested to Himself that we go have a look at the laptops on sale. Thinking that I'll just replace my old little notebook. In the end we walked out the store with a Mac Book Pro. Even on sale it makes me gasp for air thinking how much I just spent on it but I love it!

The other happy thing that happened to me was the fact that I was mistaken for ....... a 16 year old!

Yeah I could not believe that either. I mean, honestly I know I don't look quite my age but it's been years and years since anyone thought I was 16! When I told the lady that I was in fact ... (much more than 16!) she was shocked, then when I told her that I had 2 kids aged 9 & 7 she thought I was joking.

O & my dad is back in town. He has been in South Africa for the past 4 month taking care of his businesses. So I was very happy to get a text message from him this morning saying he's back and he has lots of gifts for the kids.

So on that note I'll get back to my boring life & hope that something exciting happens for me to blog about.

23 January ...

So as you can see I'm still barely coping with my work load. To top it all Himself is away on a business trip which means that I have to handle everything at home as well. I really do not know who single parents cope! Honestly, Hat's off to them cause I don't think I could or would want to do it full time.

I am happy to say that I managed to buy a car! WHOOT WHOOT! It's only a little biddy one, not my dream Range Rover but it means that I'll be able to go wherever I want whenever I want.

I am now the proud owner of a Suzuki Alto.
Mine is a lovely blue grey. I'll add photo's of it when I have it

We don't have it just yet but I signed the papers for it yesterday so we'll go and get it once Himself is back from South Africa.

Right, I still have loads to do here at work and then I have to rush home to go pick up the kids from school.

I promise to try and find time to write again soon.

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  1. wow, Jo, I love how you say things are boring and you got both a laptop AND a car - that's majorly exciting stuff!!!

    Take your time getting back to blogging - I totally know how it all piles up and it's not possible to do it all, try as we might.

    I miss you, but we'll all be right here when you get back ;)