Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Food Glorious Food -> it's all in this week's WWTK 48

Another week, another Wednesday means it's time for
Mamarazzi & Crazymama to host:


This week they are talking food and featuring some of their favorite WWTK participants!

1. Ricki Jill wants to know: What do you serve when you have company for dinner. What are your go-recipes?

Well that is a pretty easy one for me to answer. Steak, Fries & Salad.

Fries are sort of a staple food in Belgium. Everyone eats it, all the time. It's called Friet and you eat it with mayonnaise or one of the many other sauces populare here. You can either make your own or buy it from any of the many Friet kot (fries huts) around.

In summer we bbq, as much as possible. Then we'll have cold cuts and olives and bread & cheese to nibble on while we sit around chatting. Himself will have the meat on the bbq (chicken kebabs, saussages, lamb chops, steak). We'll have patato saldad, and garlic bread with some tomato & onion gravy on the side.

For dessert, some times ice cream and apple pie or else, if I had time cup cakes.

We have simple tastes.

2. Jill would like to know: If you were told it was time for your last meal, what would you order up or make for yourself?

Mmh lets see, since I would not have to worry about feeling bloated or getting fat I would go crazy.  I would ask for a bit of everything.

Black Angus Aberdeen steak
A burrito with the works
Fries with mayonnaise
Some curry

Starting to get hungry just thinking about all of this.

3. Suzanne wants to know: Sugar or alcohol? or more delicately Drink or Dessert?

I would have to say both. Dark chocolate & a nice glass of red wine .... what's not to like?

I'm a real sweet tooth ... and love wine.

Ok, starting to feel guilty now. Better move on to the next question.

4. Myya wants to know: What is your favorite Crock Pot Recipe?

And I want to know, am I the only women in the world without a crock pot?

5. Mamarazzi is having a hard time getting breakfast in everyday so she wants to know: What are you eating for breakfast these days?

Croissant and a vanilla latte with Himself before going our own way . Or, when I'm feeling guilty, small yogurt and a fruit.


  1. Now I'm thinking that maybe I should give wine another chance. :)

    I love the idea of a croissant for breakfast, but after a year of working in a bakery making them, I can't bear the thought.

    It was wonderful reading your answers. Have a happy Wednesday.

  2. Your evenings outside bbqing sound wonderful. We enjoy doing that too.

  3. Nope, you aren't the only one in the world who doesn't own a crock pot. I want one, just haven't gotten around to buying one :-0

    Ummmm,croissants for breakfast, yum!

  4. It was so neat to read your answers and see the difference and similarities of someone living in another country! I love fries with mayonnaise too. So good!!

  5. I love answer #2 and what you eat for breakfast! I'll have a little bit of everything too, please!

  6. I have a feeling I'd love Belgium, I adore fries!! And,I don't even own a toaster or blender let alone a crock pot!! lol

  7. your breakfast options sound delightful.

    and whoohoo for fries. love fries.

    thanks for linking up

  8. bbq's are fun and I can honestly grill cook better than stove top cooking.

  9. My dad taught me to eat mayonnaise on my fries and I just love it...super fattening but super super good.

    I doubt your the only woman who doesn't have a crockpot. I didn't until I got married and THANK the heavens because I LOVE My crockpot!!

  10. NO crockpot!!! Idk what I would do without mine, lol! We'd probably starve!

  11. i have never tried mayo with my fries...your answers are all so unique and no you are not the only woman without a crockpot.

    thanks for linking up!!

  12. You need to get a crock pot. I will be using mine today! Just throw lots of stuff in there in the morning, and dinner is done! They. Are. Awesome!

    Great answers!

    Linking from Mamarazzi's.

    Ricki Jill

  13. I'm coming to your house for dinner. You cannot go wrong ever with Steak, fries & salad!

    Mmmm chocolate & wine, I'm game for that too!

    No crockpot SERIOUSLY???

    Mmmmmm Crossants, loooove me some of them!