Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday again ....

By Saturday morning I had recovered enough to get up & do all the things I needed to do, with the help of some more pain killers.
Had to rush the kids out the house to go buy a birthday party present. Then we had to drive into Brussels so I could hand Tiger off to Himself.  This had to happen at exactly 12:00 cause they had to go pick up the  new ride-on lawn mower which Himself 'won' on e-bay.
The birthday party Cat was going to was in Brussels as well, leaving us with 2 hours to spare.  We stopped in at our friends pub where we sat out in the garden with our drinks  (tomato juice and sprite) reading our magazines in the sun. Bliss! Then we walked over to the park and sat watching an impromptu game of cricket.

After dropping her off I got myself an ice-cream, found a spot in the sun and read. Pure bliss. There were loads of people making the most of the good weather.
Our time changed on during Saturday night. I remember until I woke up on Sunday morning.  I was feeling pretty good with everything I had managed to do when Himself reminded me that the time had changed. Blast! Cat was late for scouts.
Pulled on a pair of jeans, rushed her out the house, arrived at the meeting hall ..... no one! Finally found someone who knew what was going on. Seems I missed the email that said that scouts was only going be from 13:30 and not from 09:30.
Back home, we finished getting everything ready for our first BBQ of the year. Hope there will be many more!  Few things in life as good as sitting around the table, smelling the meat grilling, drinking a glass of wine and laughing.
Tiger was also getting to know the drive-on mower, only he's a bit too light for the sensor under the seat so he had to have someone riding with him. This I think is a good thing cause I don't think him driving that thing on his own is a good idea.
Tiger & Allen giving the mower a go

Tiger needs extra weight on the seat to keep the engine going

Which brings us to Monday. Himself is in Portugal for the next two days. He's going to be home for one night and then he's off to Hungary again till after the weekend.  Going to be a busy week trying to rush back and forth and manage the kids and myself.
Hope you have a great week!

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