Friday, March 23, 2012

No pain no gain?

Turns out I'm a total baby!

Let me explain. In the continued saga that is my jaw realignment I have to have 2 teeth removed. Two perfectly good, healthy teeth. All just because I don't have enough room in my mouth. This is despite the fact that I had my wisdom teeth removed years ago.

Anyway, yesterday afternoon I had the first extraction. 

Words, that you don't want to hear from your dentist at a time like this: 'o it seems you have two roots here, this is going to take a while'.


And it bled a lot! 

I also discovered that I'm not used to pain pills, had a bit of trip last night :)

On the up side, it's been good for my 'diet' 

Wednesday the second one is being extracted .... I think knowing what to expect is even a little worse than not knowing ....

This better all be worth it in the end is all I'm saying


  1. Oh ouch!! Hope it all works out the way you want it too:)

  2. Oh my sorry you're having to go through this!! I've had extensive dental work done and I know exactly how awful it feels. Heal quickly!!!!