Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter 2012

Well this weekend certainly passed by in a blur of activity.

Friday was a bank holiday so I was very glad to have some time off from work to do some of the million and one things which needed to be done before the weekend got going in full swing.

My friend was also kind enough to offer to take my kids off my hands for two days. As much as I love my monsters it is just possible to do more when they are not around. They are very hard to ignore (well I at least find them hard to ignore).

I got to spend some quality time with my mom, shopping! Yay! Because we both work full time I don't get to spend as much time with my mom as I would like so it was lovely to get a couple of hours uninterupted time together.

We went shopping for a new couch. We have two sitting areas in our house, one upstairs and one down stairs. Until this weekend we could only use the upstairs one. But, thanks to my fabulous husband my 'little' dog problem has been sorted out. Meaning, I have a downstairs lounge!

I'm so happy about it its unbelievable. It's been a very sore point in our family.
Anyhoo, I got a lovely white couch. White, I know you must think I'm crazy. But our lounge is so dark inside and there is nothing I can do about it. So to add a bit of light I picked a white leather couch. It looks beautiful, according to me. I'm no pro at decorating rooms. In fact I pretty much suck at it, but for once I think I managed to pull it together nicely. Mixing textures and styles but not too much.

I have also promised my kids that I would kill them if they mucked up the downstairs lounge, and I mean it! Ok, not really but they need to believe that for a little while at least.

We (the man & I) got up early on Sunday. I was peeling potatoes by 6:40! There was a lot which still needed to be done before the hoards visitors arrived.

No matter how well we plan things it seems we always end up with a million things to do at the last minute.

But as they say, all's well that ends well. They came, they ate, they drank, they chatted and the kids hunted eggs. Fred (our Easter bunny is called Fred, I don't know why he just is) outdid himself this year. It was so funny, at the end of the trail the little ones (3 years old) were getting so used to finding Easter eggs that if they found one that was not 100% perfect they would throw it back.

Best of all, the weather held. I think we had rain at about eight o' clock on Sunday evening by which time only our closest friends were still at our place. I am so glad about that. It would have been pretty messy if it had rained on Sunday.

Our friend Jay did so much cleaning that I had hardly anything to do in the kitchen by the time everyone had gone home. Now, that is the kind of friend you want.

Monday, which was a public holiday here Himself & the kids relaxed, ate loads and loads of chocolate and watch movies. It's been raining steadily since Sunday evening. I on the other hand spend the day with his business partner working on their new web site.

Here a a couple of photo's my mom took .... I remembered my camera this year only to forget to check that the battery was charged duh!

Tiger with his loot

Cat, Imke & Zoey

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  1. Looks like you had a great time. I'm always so finicky about getting everything ready and the house all spick and span, and I seldom get it right!! Kids + clean and tidy house = IMPOSSIBLE!! You've barely sat down with a cup of coffee to relax and celebrate your victory over the debris and it's piling up again.
    I also think that the visitors are hardly likely to notice the little things that you didn't get around to doing.
    Hope you'll post some pics of the new couch :)