Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Self image

What on earth are you meant to say when your healthy 9 year old daughter comes home complaining about the fact that she is fat!

Apparently a boy in her class asked her why she was so fat.

I was really tempted to tell her to tell him that she can always lose weight and be thin but he'll always be ugly!

Honestly, she's not a stick insect but this child is FAR from obese! What doesn't help is the fact that her brother on the other hand is a stick insect.

No amount of telling her that she is perfect they way she is is working.

I'm so not excited about the teen years!

I think they are perfect just the way they are ... especially when they are being this nice to each other.


  1. Oh, how sad! When my kids tell me about others teasing them, I always reply that the other kid probably has a crush on them. "Gross!" they always yell, but with a smile on their face.

  2. By the way, I love your list of 100! We have a lot of things in common, but are complete opposites in some ways! I'm totally not a tom boy but I share a lot of your eccentricities!

  3. Goodness, kids are tough on each other aren't they? I would have been like you and wanted to tell her to insult him back. Sadly, we have to br grownups about things sometimes. ;o)

    All you can do is keep reassuring her she is wonderful. I agree with the lady above me - I think this boy might have a crush on her. Funny how they show their love, huh?

  4. I want to punch that kid in the face. Is that wrong?

  5. ^^^ totally agree with the above comment! What a mean boy!! She is NOT fat, not even chubby! Kids like that make me so angry! They also make me happy that I don't have a girl because I'd be so heartbroken if my daughter came home thinking she was fat because of some kid!

  6. I just read another blog about this, where another girl called her kindergartner fat. What is wrong with children today? So sad.