Thursday, April 19, 2012


I'm not quite sure why but I'm wound up so tight I feel like I might snap in half.

It's true that life is quite hectic but I should be used to it by now.

But here's the thing, I just watched Himself drive off, he's going to Dubai for business, will be back on Tuesday.  And for some reason this time I'm feeling stressed about it.

Tomorrow, I have a full day's training at work. But before then I have to do the school run while still making sure I make it to work on time. Then after work (which I will have to leave an hour early) I have to rush back to pick the kids up from school.

Cat has a friend staying over tomorrow night. So I have to make sure that there is something nice to eat. In fact, the girls have compiled a list of what they would like. Pizza with olives or hamburgers without cheese. With that they would like either fanta or sprite. Then they would like to fall asleep on the couch watching movies.

I guess I'll only have to come up with something for them to do on Saturday. The weatherman is predicting rain.  So I'm thinking we might bake cupcakes.

Tiger needs to go to the dentist. Only I really don't have time to do that tomorrow. The dentist is closed on Saturday. Best I could do is get an appointment next Friday. Not sure if he can wait that long.  Poor baby.

Next week is not going to be any better. 
  • Tiger has an appointment with a Davis method trainer on Tuesday evening.
  • On Wednesday Lulu needs to go to the vet to be sterilized. 
  • On Friday, Duke & Gus needs to go to the vet to be 'fixed'. 
  • Tiger has his dentist appointment; and 
  • Himself has business associates over for the entire long weekend.  
I think that is it, well that and work and the house and the usual day to day ...

Guess this all means that I really need Himself around, better make sure I tell him how much I appreciate everything he does when he gets back.

For now, I'll just stick to my glass of wine and easter chocolate. 


  1. I know how you feel. Sometimes it's nothing in particular and everything in general that can stress you out. Hang in there. Sometimes it feels like you'll never catch a break, but they eventually do come around. I'll be sending you lots of good, relaxing juujuu this weekend!

  2. yeah sounds like you do have a lot on your plate right now!! My husband is out of town more than he is home it seems like {well no he really IS, lately anyways} and it's hard work!

  3. Jo - you have so much going on right now!! I know that what helps for me is to not think of everything I have going on a week in advance (like you just did) ;), but TRY to greet each day and think of what needs to be done in smaller chunks. You're an awesome mom, an amazing woman, and a super multi-tasker, so you KNOW it will all get done and everyone will make it out okay.

    For now, enjoy the Easter chocolate & wine - I'm totally in support of that decision making!

  4. Sending calm vibes and happy thoughts in your direction!!!