Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dress code

The dress code at my work is pretty relaxed, unless you deal with CLIENTS. As my 'clients' are all internal and I'm a lazy woman I tend to dress in jeans.... my attempt at dressing up will be to wear high heel sandals/boots with my jeans & maybe a button down shirt instead of a T-shirt.

However I do once in a while (read no more than 5 times a year) decide to wear a dress.

Today was such a day.

While getting dressed himself asks from inside the bed 'why so fancy today?'
'No reason just feel like wearing a dress' I reply.

In walks Cat, look me up & down and say to her father 'Look daddy, you can actually see that mommy has boobs, her dress makes them stand out'.

I wonder, do I still have enough time to change into jeans and a t-shirt?

But the dogs still need to be fed so I storm out the room only to get a whistle (sucking in air to whistle as he can't whistle for real yet) from Tiger ......aaah the boy made my day!

and I'm still wearing the dress.

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