Friday, June 17, 2011

Not my finest moment

Felt like a pretty shitty mother this morning!

Cat was complaining of a sore stomach (me thinks it's an attempt to get out of going to school since Tiger got to say home yesterday, runny tummy).

So when I give her medicine she doesn't like the taste of, she barely opens her mouth, which means I spill some of it on her school shirt.

That's when I did it, I shouted at her to open her mouth. (to late I know).

Then I send her to change her school shirt & when she comes back down she's wearing a shirt with an unraveling hem.

So we get into it again, me saying she can't go to school like that and her insisting that she can. She gets into a total huff. storms back to her room to change again, this time putting on the shirt I took out for her in the 1st place.

End of it? No!

I'm still standing in the shower when she comes back into the bathroom pointing to her shirt in, and hissing 'do these'.

No please mommy can you help me with the buttons? Or giving me a chance to get out the shower and at least dry my hands.

Can't say I'm very proud of myself, cause I then got really sarcastic with her.
To top it all, Tiger then walks in and says 'mmmmh looks like someone is in a bad mood this morning'.

But what really made me feel shitty was that by the time I got to work this morning I was feeling much better, bad mood all gone!

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