Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Holiday countdown!

I have not been that good about writing this week, it's been crazy at work (when I do my writing cause let's face it chances are I'll get more time at work than what I do at home).

We've been counting down the school days left until the big summer holidays arrive

10 days to go!

Tiger asked me yesterday why it is that I don't have lots of holidays.

I don't know my boy, wish I did.
I enjoy my job, some times I'll even tell you that I love it,


on those bright summer mornings (going to pretend that summer mornings in Belgium are all bright & sunny) when the entire house is asleep & I have to get ready as quickly & as quietly as possible


on those days I wish that I was a lady of leisure, with nothing to do but spending money and wasting time......

Right, lets get back to work!

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