Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Worry worry worry.....

I usually take the train in to work (it's faster than driving) but on some mornings I drive into town with himself.

He had to be in town early so we dropped the kids off at school and drove in together.
I love these drives, only cause himself & I get to chat, uninterrupted! I don't know about you but getting himself to talk well lets just say there are quite a few things he would rather do.

Anyhooo, so I ask him -

Babe, do you ever worry about our kids and the effect our parenting style has on them?

'No! why would I they are fine! Why do you worry? You are such a drama queen?'

Maybe it's a woman/man thing or maybe it's just that we (as people) tend to be so critical of other people but I do worry.

I worry about the kind of mom I am .... which seems to be a lot more laid back about most things, compared to the other mom's I know.

I worry about not worrying and I worry about not worrying enough (sigh)

But he's right, they kids are fine. They are happy and 'normal' and don't seem to have any issues so what am I worried about?

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