Friday, June 10, 2011

Like mother like daughter ?

Cat: One day when I’m a mother I’m not going to be like you, a No No No No No mother, always saying NO!

And you know what, you are going to be just like Ouma, when you are a granny you are always going to say – No in my house you don’t get to watch movies with shooting & killing.

Needless to say Cat was not very happy with me when I told her that they were not allowed to watch a certain DVD yesterday.  

Cat: But my friend Apple has the whole series and she can watch it any time, you are so unfair! (nagging voice)

Me: Well I’m your mom, not her mom so that is why I get to say no to you. One day when you guys are parents and you have kids you’ll understand, I promise.

Tiger: No, we’ll be cool parents, not like you!

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