Monday, February 27, 2012

Aah Paris!

I took Friday off and we decided to drive down to Paris for the day. I just love how we are able to do this, not that we do it often but I love the fact that we could if we wanted to. 
To be honest we tend to let life get in the way of doing things like this, which is why I'm happy that for once we just did it.
We got up early'ish' on Friday and hopped in the car. I love road trips. It's relaxing and I get to spend time with Himself catching up and re-connecting without the usual distractions. 

The kids, well they were just fantastic. They listened to music and chatted to each other and did not once start nagging or acting up. Honestly, my our kids are great!

We spent 4 hours in the Louvre, just walking around looking at all the amazing things on display.  Cat really loved it.  After lunch (a very expensive lunch!) we rented those guided tour headphone sets. Really cool. It has a special setting for the kids so they could listen and learn and play games and do all kinds of things.  

Tiger, being seven and totally obsessed with his penis was amazed by all the statues and the penises on display.
While checking out the re-creation of Napoleon's apartment (which really is something incredible) we told the kids that we were thinking of re-decorating the house in a similar style.  They did not think it was a good idea.

After leaving the Louvre we took a quick metro ride over to the Eiffel tower. I had visions of walking up the champs elysees towards the arc de triomphe and then from there walking to the Eiffel tower and then strolling over to the Notre dame. Unfortunately, Himself broke both his knees playing rugby and well let's just say that walking is not something he enjoys doing. Thank goodness for the metro. 

The day had turned lovely and sunny, the perfect kind of winters day. Unfortunately  there was a three hour wait to go up the tower and the summit was not open so we decide to give it a skip and come back another time.
I told Himself that we are going to have to come back soon, maybe just the two of us for a romantic Paris trip. We've been to Paris quite a few times over the years but never on our own.  I could do with a romantic weekend away .....  sipping wine, romantic strolls....

oops, excuse me for getting distracted ....
After a quick dinner at McDonald's (ooh the shock the horror! I know! but we did have some macaroons for dessert) we hopped back in the car for the trip back.  Tiger was asleep in about two minutes, Cat declared that she was feeling full of energy and to prove it she was going to stay awake for the entire trip.  She was willing to bet her dad 10 euro that she would be able to do this.
Two hours later, we were still in Paris!  The traffic is CRAZY! Traffic lights mean absolutely nothing, they are not even used as a suggestion of who can drive when. Once you reach an intersection everyone drives at the same time, in all directions. In-between the cars driving in all directions there are people on bicycles, scooters and motorbikes.  

At one point, an ambulance arrived followed by about four cops on motorbikes. After about 15 minutes they managed to clear a way for the ambulance to pass.
Needless to say, I would be quite happy never to have to drive in Paris.
And Cat, well according to her she just closed her eyes to listen to her music, she did not sleep.  And the reason it took so long to 'wake her up' when we got home was cause she could not hear me over the music. ( I decided not to point out that the headphones were around her neck).



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