Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day ... original topic I know

We don't really do anything for valentines in our house ... Himself doesn't like to be told what to do.

According to him the fact that he is still married to me should be proof enough that he loves me.

Yeah I don't know what I did to deserve such a romantic guy.

At least his proposal was romantic ... and that is where the romance ended.
But that's another story for another day.

So as agreed I did not expect any flowers or cards or chocolates or any such things for today.

Himself was still in town by the time I finished work yesterday which meant that I could meet up with him and drive home together instead of taking the train.

I walked into the pub (central meeting point and it is 3 doors down from where he is renovating one of his new buildings) and he's got a bunch of pink roses lying on the counter.

I'm puzzled.........

'What's with the flowers, I thought we're not doing anything?' I ask, secretly feeling happy.

'O these they are not from me, they from Silvana. She felt bad for not speaking to you at the party on Friday.'

Now, I'm not going to complain, who doesn't like to get flowers even when it is from a hostess feeling guilty about not speaking to you.

And the party, well it was dull. I know it is terrible to say but honestly it was. It's not like I'm this big party animal and throw killer parties all the time but honestly my kids birthday parties are more exciting. Not to mention that one of the big reasons we went to this party cause one of the other guest was/is a possible investor for Stack-Cup. But this was not the right time to discuss investment opportunities.

Speaking of ... no wait there is no way to switch topics smoothly here. What I can tell you is that it seems the big freeze is over, at least for now.

We are back to 'balmy' temperatures of around 3

How was your Valentines?
° C or 37° F and I for one am really glad.


  1. I'll take flowers any way I can get them! Hope they brighten your home and glad to hear it's a bit 'warmer' :)

  2. We aren't big Valentine's celebrators either. And that's probably my fault - flowers and perfume make me sneeze, chocolate screws up my diet, and I don't wear jewelry. What is left for a man to get me? :o) So we all go out for ice cream to celebrate instead. :o)

    I'm so glad your weather is getting back to normal. We've had some cold nights here where it's gotten down to 15 degrees F, but it warms up nicely during the days, so I can't complain!

  3. we were planning on celebrating valentines but instead I kinda zonked out and fell asleep at 8.30pm... oops

    I love those stack cups, why has this not been thought of before>?!!! brilliant!!

    1. I've done that before guess you just really needed the sleep. Yeah the Stack-Cups are great

  4. Btw check out www.bmeagency.com.au/style/Stack-Cup_Presentation_WEB.pdf For Stack-Cup Australia