Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Blue & White and / or Purple & White

Hey, this is the first time I'm taking part in this link party .... pretty exciting stuff!

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This week's questions are from Mamarazzi, and she wants to know...

1. What are your Top 3 blogging tips for other bloggers?

I'm pretty new to blogging and don't have too many tips but what I can say is:

Tip 1 -> Post comments, it's the only way of letting people know you are 'out there'
Tip 2 -> Take part in link parties, read other link up's and follow tip 1, leave comments
Tip 3 -> Remove your word verification, as  much as it annoys you it annoys your readers

2. What book have you read lately that you would recommend?

I'm busy reading the Stephanie Plum series, but I'm sure  most people have read those. I did however recently read Infidel, by Hirsi Ali ... eye opening and really interting.

3. What is as physical feature you have been complimented on?

Does  my  hair count? I changed my hair quite drasticly and have gotten quite a few shocked looks most of the time followed by a compliment.

4. What colour is your toothbrush?

Navy & White   and Purple & White ... that's right, I have two. One at home and one in my handbag.

5. What question would you like to add to a future WWTK?

How did you meet your significant other?  


  1. those a really good tips, especially for a new blogger. i am excited that you have joined in on our little link party!! let me know if you would like to be on the mailing list for the weekly questions early!

    i have not read the Stephanie Plum series, i will need to look into that.

    YES hair counts! :)

    i grabbed your question, watch for it and some link love on a future WWTK!!

    thanks for linking up!!

  2. oh i went to reply to your comment on my blog, i always like to reply via email and your email address is not enabled.

    did you know that?

    this means that you spend so much time leaving lovely comments on people's blogs and they have no way of responding to a question or thanking you for stopping by or just continuing the conversation...because instead of your email address all they see is "no-reply comment".

    sad right?

    you can fix that if you like.

    just go to your dashboard, click edit profile and click show email address and then click save profile.


    and i PROMISE if you change this blogging will get even better and become even more fun!

  3. You are awesome with the comment love, Jo :) Now that you mentioned your hair, are you going to show a pic?! Kudos to you for good dental hygiene - TWO toothbrushes... I'm impressed.

    1. Agree with Amber- can we get a before and after of the hair please? Sure it looks great!
      Welcome to the link party- they're so much fun, I've actually found myself looking forward to them XD

  4. I have a blog friend who has recommended the Stephanie Plum series to me several times - I guess it's time I start reading it!

    I get hair comments too - I think just because I do such a drastic switch-up with the seasons - dark for winter, blonde for summer. People are always telling me they like it, so I guess I can do both! haha!

  5. I liked the Stephanie Plum series, until about number 12 or 13. After that I lost interest. They are fun and funny though.

  6. I haven't heard of that series of books. I'll have to google it.

  7. Good WWTK question!

    I'm with you on the comment thing. When I look at how many times my blog gets viewed each day, I wonder why there are so few comments! It's not too hard to comment (well, unless people have word verification on! Ha ha)!

  8. i totally think hair counts, i answered my hair too.

    great tips. i agree. blogging is more fun when you get comments.

    great question you asked.

    thanks for linking up!

  9. Great tips. Love Stephanie Plum!!! I have read a lot of them, but not all. I'll eventually go back just because I love her. Want to see the movie of #1, but waiting for it to hit the Red Box! Enjoyed your answers and glad you linked up.

  10. Great tips! Although, I totally replied to the comment you left me & realized when I hit send that it was a no-reply. Oops.

    Hair absolutely counts! I love new hair styles & colors. I wish I was as adventerous as I was when I was in my early 20's.

    Great question for #5.

  11. Stopping by from Mamarazzi!

    I have never heard of Stephanie Plum.

    I LOVE link parties, they are tons of fun!

    Have a great week!

  12. Oh I love the Stephanie Plum books! I got so excited when I heard they were making a movie, but apparently it isn't that great. Ho hum. And kudos for the new hairstyle! It can take a lot of guts to make a drastic change, but it's so worth it to get that I-look-great-and-I-know-it feeling.

  13. I need to read the Stephanie Plum novels! My friends have been talking about them for years, but I hesitate to start a series that has so many books in it. I'd likely be reading them for the rest of my life! :o)