Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I would rather ... WWTK # 69

ooh this was so much fun and hard at the same time the first time round and clearly I was not the only one who thoughts so.

This week Crazymama & Mamarazi are bring us another round of WYR for WWTK


So lets see .....

{one} WYR...Never be able to look in the mirror again or always get dressed in total darkness?

I would say get dressed in total darkness, that way you can still look in a mirror to fix what needs fixing. Also, I don't consider doing my hair and/or make-up as part of getting dressed.

{two} WYR...Receive $50 a day for the rest of your life or $50,000 right here and now?

50,000 right now, you can do more with a lump sum than with 50 a day

{three} WYR...Have extreme narcolepsy or have a bad case of tourette's?

a bad case of tourette's ... cause you can still live a 'normal' life, have a job, drive etc and you can always tell people that you have tourettes. On the other hand with extreme narcolepsy you can't really lead a normal life or do things like driving cause it would be too dangerous.

{four} WYR...Be able to rewind 24 hrs 3 times a year or consciously control your dreams?

be able to rewind 24 hrs 3 times a year ..... i hardly ever remember my dreams and I'm really not bothered by them in any case

{five} WYR...Be fluent in every language around the world or be the best in the world in a category of your choosing?

be fluent in every language!!!! It would make my life so much easier if I was fluent in 5 languages of my choice, never mind all the languages around the world!

Now, be honest, what would you rather? Link up and tell us!


  1. great answers and true getting dress int he dark is easier and fixing mix matched socks would be a must for some

  2. I'm with you on the money. And tourettes. Great minds think alike

  3. Great answers!!! Mine would be the same except for the last one. I think it would be really fun to be the VERY best at something! Maybe I'm just inspired by the athletes at the Olympics...but how cool would it be for everyone to know who you are because you truly are THE BEST?

  4. I would have to say I agree with all of those. so funny!

  5. I think the dressing in the dark one was toooo easy!

  6. Oh yes, I would be happy with 50,000 that's for sure.

  7. I agree, not being able to do hair & make-up in front of a mirror is next to impossible!

    I wish I travelled more to warrant the need to speak more languages. The only ones I really wish I had a better handle on were French and maybe Spanish!

  8. I agree with all of your answers!!! Guess there's no need for me to do this one ;) I would love to be fluent in multiple languages...

  9. Good point about hair and makeup not really being part of getting dressed! I like the way you think!

  10. I never remember my dreams either. Except my daydreams, which are usually naughty, so bring em on.

  11. oh my gosh...these are the same type of ?s my kids asked me all summer...

  12. I definitely didn't really think my narcolepsy/tourettes answer through. Haha! I forgot that driving, having a job, etc would be super difficult.. Hmm.
    I agree with being fluent in every language! How cool would that be :D