Monday, August 27, 2012

the highlight - banana bread

I don’t think we could have had a weekend that was more different to last weekend.

the weather
last weekend: hot! sunny!
this weekend: overcast, damp with rain

what we did
last weekend: spent time in the pool, bbq, drink copious amounts of snangria
this weekend: cleaned the house, did laundry, watched movies

See what I mean.

I did bake banana bread on Sunday which was devoured by Himself and the kids in about 30 min flat. I’m not even joking. I as planning on taking a picture to boast post on my blog, but all that was left was crumbs.

My parents dropped by to pick up a set of keys. We were all sitting in the kitchen chatting while I was mixing the batter for the banana bread. (I don’t think there is a better place to visit than the kitchen). Popped the banana bread in the oven, and I started clearing away everything I used. As I pick up the eggs, which I had especially gone to go buy I realized that I never put any eggs in the batter.  Oops!

So I whip the pan out the oven, poured the batter into a clean mixing bowl cause I had given the other bowl to the kids to lick. Add the eggs, mix really well and popped it back in the oven.  Obviously, Himself was convinced that it was going to flop.

Judging by how quickly they ate it there was no problem with the taste. And Tiger told me that it was the most delicious thing he had ever eaten.

About 10 minutes later I discovered that we had no water. Strange. I checked all the taps in the basement, nothing. On my way to the landlady’s house (she lives a little bit further away in the main farm house) I discover a fire hydrant with water streaming out of it. Then I run into the landlady who tells me that the main water pipe between or village and the next burst and that they were trying to fix it but that they were waiting for some parts from Ghent.

Having no running water really makes life complicated.  By the time we went to bed there was still no water, and every time I got up for the dogs I would check, nothing. I’m very glad to say that I was able to have a shower this morning.

And that’s what we did this weekend. Nothing exiting, but hey, that’s life.


  1. the banana bread sounds delicious right now. although my waistline really doesn't need any other sweets after all I had this weekend! I love those weekends at home just as much as the others with sun and pool.

  2. YUM banana bread did you save me a piece i'll be over for coffee.

  3. Your last two weekends are very opposite! Our weather is like that too, I can't stand it. I have been wanting to make banana bread for a long time.. just haven't gotten around to it.
    Glad to hear your water is back on!

  4. Oh my goodness - that's crazy about the water; glad it's back!

    where's the recipe for that bread?! ;)

  5. Any weekend that involves banana bread makes me very happy!