Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ready or not .... NOT

Monday is back to school in Belgium. You would never guess that if you were to stop by our house.

We have not yet bought a single school supply or new school clothes. (the kids have to wear navy on the bottom, with either a light blue and white shirt). 

Back in June when the school closed they sent a list of what to buy for the next school year home along with every school report. So I have Tiger’s list lying on top of the microwave.

Cat on the other hand managed to convince us that there was some sort of a glitch and she didn’t get her report card.  So imagine my surprise when I found said report card in the bottom of a toy chest while they were in South Africa.  But in her attempt to hide the report card she lost the list. And let me tell you, these list are so specific that you can’t just do a general shop and hope for the best.

No panic, I’ll just ring her best friend’s mom to hear if I could have a copy of Emily’s list. Magali didn’t know where the list was. So I tried Ema’s mom, same story. Jemima’s mom, she could remember seeing the list but that was in the beginning of the vacation and now she had no idea where.

As of right now I have still not managed to find a copy of the list or another mom who knew where her child’s list was.  And they don’t have a list on the school’s web page either.

I’m just very glad that I am not the only disorganized mother out there who is going to have to go shopping over the weekend.


  1. haha! This makes me think of our scrambly last-minute shopping sessions when I was a kid - I hated going back to school, so I of course LOATHED back-to-school shopping. I think because of this, my mom always left it til the last minute - she knew it would be hell! Good luck to you, I hope you're able to find everything your kiddos need for the new school year. :)

  2. If the list is so specific, I think it should be accessible on the webpage, ya know.

    Good luck finding the list & getting supplies

  3. ugh, those lists drive me crazy!!! Here's hoping you don't hit all the crazies at the stores!

  4. Maybe they should start sending out the list a week or two before school starts. I don't know anyone that would be able to keep track of a piece of paper all summer!

    Good luck on Monday! I hope everything goes well and the kids like their teachers! Shame on Cat for hiding that report card! She's a sneaky one!!

  5. i didn't buy little man's stuff until the day before school either i was so unorganized this year

  6. I hope they have a good first day tomorrow!

  7. ha! So funny. I'm sure there are a LOT more mothers/parents out there wondering the same thing.
    And I'm sure the kiddo's will be fine!

    When you have a chance, come over to my blog. I've given you the "Liebster Blog Award."