Monday, August 6, 2012

Is it really Monday again?

So how was your weekend?

I was very happy to have survived my first week back at work.  My friend Kim & I had dinner on Friday evening at our favourite restaurant Bovis. They do the most amazing steaks.

Our bill (for both of us) came to a grand total of 60 Euro
Food: 18 euro
Wine: 42 euro

The wine was worth every cent.  

webpage - I have loved every one of their wines

Wine aside I spent hours and hours working on the upstairs. It’s still not done and since the time is getting really short now before the kids will be back I’ll have to spend some time working there every night this week.

Himself & I had every intention of going to the antique fair on Sunday morning. He woke me up but by the time I was showered & dressed and had fed the dogs he had fallen asleep. So I got back into bed. It was bliss.

Kim was meant to go antiquing with us but she had also overslept. So we said they should just come over for Brunch.  The weather was lovely and we sat outside.  We had just cleaned the dishes when we got a call from another friend, Tom, they were coming round for a BBQ. So we had to go back to the store and pick up some meat and before you know it there were about 10 people at our house. Including a couple who were ‘gate crashing’. They were meant to drop of Tom’s girlfriend Tara but then decided that they would also stay for the BBQ.

They were the last people to leave (2 hours after everyone else).

And that was it, once the last of the glasses were packed in the dishwasher we fell into bed.  Weekend over.

O my brother & his wife let my parents-in-law have a break this weekend and took our kids.  From the photos it looks like they had loads of fun.

Tiger, Brandon, Jaydon & Cat

My lovely sister-in-law Melodie with the kids


  1. Both of the pictures are adorable!!!! Especially the first one.
    Your weekend sounds divine!!! It's great when things come together like with friends. Simple and fun!

  2. what a lovely weekend you had

  3. It's clearly a good dinner when you've spent more on wine than food. :o) That's where I'd prefer to get my calories on a Friday night!

    So when are these kids of yours coming home? Have you got the house ready for their return yet?

  4. Nice. I always love when someone wants to take my kids for a day.

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! That is definitely good, and I'm glad you loved the wine ;)
    Cute picture of your sister-in-law and the kids!
    Hope you have a wonderful and stress-free week ♥